138 Romantic & Interesting Questions To Ask A Girl — Personal & Funny
138 Romantic & Interesting Questions To Ask A Girl

138 Romantic & Interesting Questions To Ask A Girl

Long after the “Hello-Hi!” has been said and numbers exchanged with that fantastic girl, what follows in the pipeline should be a real-time conversation with her. As you know, it takes meaningful dialogue to enjoy conversations. That’s the reason your conversation starters and carry-on questions must be topnotch and handy.

Therefore, if you want to get the most of your date with your girl without looking like an unprepared weirdo to her, use the questions to ask a girl listed below to hit the right spots with her. Have fun while you are at it!


Romantic Questions To Ask A Girl

Romantic Questions To Ask A Girl

1: Where did you have your first date ever: a restaurant, a cinema, or at home?

2: Have you in your life, made the first move to express your interest in a guy?


3: What’s your main love language?

4: What’s the best way someone can surprise you romantically?

5: Which food melts your heart?


6: Can you tell me how your first kiss went?

7: What’s your best vacation spot?

8: How many kids do you envision having?


9: What’s an the ideal family for you?

10: So far, what’s the best holiday resort you have visited?

11: How often do you like to be kissed?

12: What’s the difference between smooching and cuddling?

13: How will you describe a perfect date?

14: Do you subscribe to PDA (public display of affection)?

15: Are you comfortable wearing a bikini to the pool?

16: Which will you prefer I do someday: take you dancing or to an art gallery?

17: Who is your favorite celebrity couple in love?

18: Which relationship goal gets you all the time?

19: What can make a romantic dinner incomplete?

20: Do you: like, hate, or love surprises?

21: What do you find fascinating about my physical appearance?

22: To you, what’s most attractive in a man?

23: How well can you handle a long-distance relationship?

24: Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

25: Which romantic song, old or new, makes you nostalgic anytime it’s played on air?

26: Who is your teenage romantic crush?

27: What attitude or action can ruin a relationship for you?

28: What’s the hardest breakup situation you’ve faced?

29: Have you ever been cheated on?

30: Have you ever cheated in a relationship?

31: Which part of your body is your most ticklish?

32: Can you detect when a guy has fallen helplessly in love with you even if he hasn’t told you?

33: Do you believe in the existence of true love?

34: What’s your take on double-dating?

35: Did you ever write a secret letter for your crush?

36: What’s the oddest place to meet your soulmate?

37: Have you ever met someone you like a lot but can’t be with?

38: At what age were you when your parents find out that you’ve started seeing someone romantically?

39: How far can you go for your lover to prove your love for him?

40: Do you miss anything about your previous relationship?

41: Do you value loyalty in a relationship?

42: For how long can you date a man before committing to him monogamously in a relationship?

Personal Questions To Ask A Girl

Personal Questions To Ask A Girl

43: What are tour three top hobbies?

44: Which female Instagram influencer inspires you a lot?

45: What’s your typical weekend like?

46: Which childhood memory still lingers in your head?

47: What is the best benefit being educated has offered you?

48: Which social media platform are you more active on?

49: What qualifies someone to be your bestie?

50: Have you ever dyed your hair?

51: What’s the worst thing that can happen to you?

52: How good are you in Math?

53: Which genre of movie do you binge on?

54: What can’t you get tired of doing?

55: What’s your habitual piece of clothing accessory?

56: Can you tell when someone is lying to you?

57: What’s your shoe size?

58: How do you like your egg: poached or omelet?

59: Which TV series is your favorite on Netflix?

60: Which season of the year do you look forward to always?

61: Which embarrassing event is hard to forget?

62: What’s your personality type?

63: Who are you closest to in your family?

64: Who is your male music idol?

65: What doesn’t count as a relationship deal-breaker to you?

66: How many liters of water to you consume daily?

67: Do you bring your male friends home?

68: Have you ever hosted a house party without parental consent?

69: When last did you visit a hospital on the grounds of ill-health?

70: Do you admire a career in the military?

71: Do you post Facebook updates randomly or in a scheduled manner?

72: Has your truth ever been mistaken for a lie?

73: Will you refer yourself sportive or active?

74: What’s your best hairstyle on a man?

75: How old were you when you got your first PC?

76: Do you believe ghost stories?

77: Do you have any allergies?

78: Are you lactose intolerant?

79: In your opinion, which 21st-century movie is highly underrated?

80: Which activities do you engage in during your leisure?

81: Gold or silver jewelry?

82: What’s the sweetest dessert you’ve taken?

83: Do you read newspapers?

84: Which fashion house do you frequently patronize?

85: Do you get fidgety when you are facing a professional interview?

86: What’s your life goal in the next three years?

87: On a scale of 1 to 10, how adventurous are you?

88: Do you eat pork?

89: What’s your basic beauty regimen?

90: In three words, summarize your high school experience.

91: What’s your favorite salad dressing?

92: What factor do you consider before following an influencer on LinkedIn?

93: How good a dancer are you?

94: When you are under stress, how do you keep yourself from breaking down?

95: Do you exfoliate your skin on a weekly basis?

96: If given a million dollars, what will be the first two items you’ll buy with it?

97: What shade of lipstick do you wear frequently?

98: Which past event taught you how strong you are?

99: A beach house or a condo?

100: Have you been to an Asian restaurant? Which one?

101: Gymnastics or ballet?

102: Milkshake or Greek yogurt?

103: Indian saree or African Ankara?

Flirty Questions To Ask A Girl

Flirty Questions To Ask A Girl

104: Are your eyes always this twinkly or does it have anything to do with me?

105: Do I make you blush?

106: If I hold your hand in mine, will you be too quick to let it go?

107: Do you moan when you are French-kissed?

108: How much of hugs is too much?

109: Am I permitted to visit you in your dreams?

110: Will you grant me the privilege to watch you dance someday?

111: How do you keep smitten men from flocking around you?

112: Has anyone ever told you to your face that you are absolutely gorgeous?

113: Ever considered modeling as a fulltime job?

114: Would you mind if I stare at you longer than is necessary?

115: Are you usually this happy or my presence brought infused your body with happiness?

116: Will it be a crime if I asked you out on another date in a short notice?

117: Do you think we will make an adorable couple?

118: Did you hire a professional wardrobe manager for your clothing outfits?

119: What was your ex thinking of when he let you walk out of the relationship?

120: Who did you inherit your beauty from: your mom or dad?

121: How often do you get compliments from your admirers daily?

122: How do you manage to be vast in knowledge and still humble to all and sundry?

123: If I give you a goodbye peck, will you be thankful or angry that it wasn’t a kiss?

124: What is it about me that caught your eyes?

125: Are you open for a truth or dare game with me?

Funny Questions To Ask A Girl

Funny Questions To Ask A Girl

126: How do you feel if you say “I love you” when you didn’t mean it?

127: How does burned toasted bread taste like?

128: Can I pay your parents a visit to thank them for coming together to produce a beauty like you?

129: Am I more handsome than Justin Bieber?

130: Are you keeping a record of all the blah-blah-blah your intimidating presence is making me blurt out?

131: Do you think I will make a successful standup comedian in my next life?

132: Which of your siblings will hate me for all I am worth?

133: If you catch me pants down with another girl, will you kill me first before her or her first before me?

134: In your most honest opinion, am I romantic?

135: Who taught you how babies are made?

136: Which insect can strip you of your womanly confidence?

137: Do you think our babies will inherit my head size?

138: Do you always wake up in the morning wondering if you added weight but your bathroom scale tells you otherwise?

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