Birthday Wishes For Mom - Deep, Sincere & Funny
Best Birthday Wishes For Mom

Best Birthday Wishes For Mom

“All that I am and hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”

As emotional as the above quote is, you’ll be a bit shocked to know from whose lips it rolled out from. That’s Abraham “Abe” Lincoln’s, one of the greatest presidents of the most powerful nation in the world. Yes, you read that correctly.

As it stands now, you should be silently raising trophies of honor for the woman who gave you life, since a world president could do same unashamedly. You love her, that’s why you are here in search of unique birthday wishes for her. And the good news is, we aren’t going to disappoint you with the exceptional birthday wishes for mom below.

Birthday Wishes For Mom

1. You are mom, fruitful mom, the best mom in the whole wide world. Your birthday is just one of the days to celebrate your preciousness to me. Happy birthday.

2.You didn’t let me go when I needed to suckle. Your love shielded me when the world was out to grab and mess me up. Simply said, I can’t do without you, momma. Happy birthday.

3.The future is always bright with you, mom. I have become too firmly rooted in your positive perception of life that I don’t ever want to give failure any chance. Happy birthday.

4. It is your season to live as the queen you are. Truth be said, you gave your best to me just so that I would be who I am today. This is no ordinary day, and I want to begin with wishing you a blissful birthday celebration.

5. It isn’t just about your birthday today; it is about the person you are. Mom, you are my living legend, and I have every reason to wish you long life, good health, and an abundance of wealth. Happy birthday.

6. The rarest gifts on earth come in simple packages. You are one of such heaven-sent, mom. I wouldn’t even have asked for another mother even if I’m presented with a billion of treasures. Happy birthday.

7. Are the bells chiming and the drums rolling? Have the birds raised their voices in singing and the oceans their wavy terror in awe of the sweetest woman I’ve ever known? Hurry now! Happy birthday, mommy.

8. I dare any to raise an objection that you are the most erudite of all the women in your class. Your gender nor your past couldn’t stop you from rising to the highest echelon of learning as you desired. You are to be celebrated forever. Happy birthday, dearest mom.

9. When I say you are special, I mean it to the letter. You hold a very sacred place in my heart which I can’t afford to give out to any other. Happy birthday. I love you so much, mom.

10. More than often, we disagree on matters that border on my personality and everyday life decisions. However, I know within me that we are the same in blood and soul. I can’t do without you, mom. Happy birthday.

11. The world can collapse around me, I don’t give a hoot. But God forbid that I will stand to see a tear course down your tender cheek. It will kill me. That’s how much I care about you, mom. Happy birthday.

Deep Birthday Wishes For Mom

Deep Birthday Wishes For Mom

12. As the days materialized into weeks that gave birth to the months which ushered in your birthday today, I join the host of heaven to rejoice that you were born. Your existence is a blessing to all of us. Happy birthday, momsie.

13. How can I waltz past this day without acknowledging the occasion of your birthday? It is simply impossible. Happy birthday, mother.

14. There’s no place that makes comfort a succulent word than your loving arms. The memory of your soothing fingers as they run down my hairs ever lives. Happy birthday, mom. I cherish you.

15. If I ask God today, to give you the most incredible blessing as your birthday gift, I would have done everything you ever desire. I want you to always be happy, mom. Happy birthday.

16. There are times when words fail to qualify my thoughts in the rightest sense. One of such periods is your birthday. Mom, you worth more than luxury beads of diamonds. Happy birthday.

17. You are the light that illuminates my confused path, the anchor that steadies me through the turbulence of adolescence. I wouldn’t have accomplished much as a teenager without your influence, mom. Happy birthday.

18. I watched you take up challenges as a super woman, wringing their necks like they were hopeless chickens, and tucking us to bed with wide smiles of victory for another day won. You are gold. Happy birthday, mum.

19. Imagine waking up one morning and seeing your favorite flowers posted all over the house, with the most melodious music filling every volume of the air in the house. That’s exactly what you deserve today, mom. Happy birthday.

20. I think about your welfare much more than I give thoughts about my future. You know why? Your well-being is all I live and strive for. Happy birthday, mom.

21. I don’t wish to grow up and out of your reach because my dependence on you gives me immense support no matter my level of greatness in life. Happy birthday, best mom.

22. The sounding joy from my heart on your birthday is enough to satisfy my hunger for food today. It’s an honor to call you mother. Happy birthday, mom.

23. Whenever life wants to take an ugly shape, I quickly remember your reassuring words that problems are just a mirage. Mom, you don’t know half of what you mean to me. Happy birthday.

Sincere Birthday Wishes For Mom

Sincere Birthday Wishes For Mom

24. Happy birthday, my jewel. I want you to know today that you are priceless to me and to everyone whose life you’ve affected. Enjoy your day!

25. Dear mommy, you and me are tribe; what rocks your boat rocks mine, your joy is my joy likewise your sadness. As you celebrate your birthday today, may all your dreams and aspirations come true. They will also be true for me.

26. As I became older, I came to terms with the reality of your sacrifices for our family. Sometimes, I shudder at the amount of your time you committed in raising us right; it’s beyond any estimation. Happy birthday, mom. You’re the best.

27. I wish to say that I am ignorant of your heartfelt concern for me. But we both are aware that you care so much about me that it hurts. I owe you my success, mom. Happy birthday.

28. I need to do more, if not for anything, but for those affectionate smiles that dance on your face. They are my inspiration. Happy birthday, mama.

29. Sweet mom, I just want to appreciate you for fighting relentlessly for your happiness even when the odds were against you. Keep on with your newfound joy and life as you celebrate your birthday today.

30. I pocket every single moment I spend with you. Those are my treasures to relish at a later time. Happy birthday, mom.

31. Always have in mind that I uphold you as the first woman in my life. Also, you taught me the way of life that seemed out of place at first. Now, I know better. Happy birthday.

32. Come what may, I will bake a cake and light up candles on your birthday for you did the same for me even in dry and rainy days. I so much love you, mom. Happy birthday.

33. I see and feel. I live fully in the awareness of your love for me. It will be sheer ingratitude to not send you a birthday wish today. Happy birthday, mom. Live long and in health for me.

34. If loving you will be quite overbearing for you, then, you are underestimating my resilience and loyalty toward loving you. I can’t even do otherwise. Happy birthday, mom.

35. Money can’t buy affection, and gifts can’t repay love. Mom, I know I can’t give you a quarter of all you’ve given me, but I swear that my love for you stands true and pure. Happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Mom

36. Happy birthday to the queen of discipline. I pray that as you become older, may your strict view of life wane alongside. Lots of love!

37. You cook a hell of food whenever you are in a good mood. The only problem is that we must eat all to keep your mood sailing smoothly. We love you like that though. Happy birthday, mom.

38. Happy birthday, mom. I can see your graying hairs are making no attempt to step down your raving beauty. That’s not fair to me at all.

39. Little is known about the secret of your ever-enduring strength. All we see is your unending hustling and busyness. I only hope you are human, mom. Happy birthday.

40. You make me want to leave home in a storm, and yet miss it sorely when I am gone a few hours. I will have to grow up a little more to withstand your loving pull. Happy birthday, sweetest mommy.

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