Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Husband - Romantic & Funny


Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Husband

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Husband


A birthday is a special day and it feels great for a person when you remember their birthday. This is more so when the person is someone as close as your husband. Much as you might complain that your husband doesn’t remember your birthday, that is no reason for you to forget his as well. Instead, use this special day to remind him why you fell in love with him and why you would still choose him again and again.


You can show love to your husband on his birthday by sending him birthday wishes that are romantic as well as funny to tickle his bones. It can be a challenge to come up with the messages, but you won’t have to compose them yourself because we have already done that for you. All you have to do is to select the ones you feel are unique to your husband. Jump in below and choose from the many messages explicitly written with your husband in mind.

Birthday Wishes For Husband

Birthday Wishes For Husband

1: Happy birthday to the most wonderful husband on earth. Thanks because you always amaze me with your goodness to me. Happy birthday.

2: My precious husband, you are an uncommon jewel, and words cannot describe you. If I attempt to describe you, I would say you are special, sexy, hardworking, strong, and brilliant. These words do not even do you justice because you are many more amazing things. Happy birthday honey bunny.

3: Anytime I feel downcast, it’s you who lifts up my spirit with your caring and loving words. Thanks for making me feel needed all the time. Let me return the favor today and make you know you are so special to me too. Happy birthday.

4: Happy birthday my loving husband. I love you and no words can explain what you make me feel. I pray that all your wishes come true.

5: Finding a good husband is sheer luck, and finding an extraordinary husband like you is just a conspiracy by the universe to make the rest of my life a fairy tale. Thanks for being more than I ever thought possible. Happy birthday my love.

6: What remains for me to tell you because I feel like I have told you a million times that you are so awesome? Today being your special day I want to repeat it. You are so awesome, and I love you more each day. May you have a ball!

7: You have become a year older my dear husband, so you have become a year wiser, a year more lovable and I got another year to cherish you. Happy birthday.

8: So many years down the lane and I still can’t believe that I got you. You are the most good looking man, so loving, so caring and I have you all for myself. May you have the best moments today and remember I am still crazy for you.

9: I pray that your birthday today will bring you so much joy and love. It is another year given to you, and may it be full of blessings and sunshine every day. Happy birthday my dear husband.

10: I feel like I have known you forever. Each birthday reminds me that you are mine until the end. I pray that your life flourish and your dreams come true. Happy birthday.

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Husband

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Husband

11: You are the best gift that life has given me. I can never repay your kindness to me, and I am thankful every day because I got you baby. Happy birthday my dear hubby.

12: Look at us now. I never once thought that you would love somebody like me, let alone make me your wife. I love you so much and cherish you daily. Happy birthday.

13: Today is the day I have chosen to let you and the world know that I love you. Brace yourself for a day full of fun. Happy birthday my husband.

14: Happy birthday to the one and only man who makes my world go round. You have shown me a love that I am sure no other woman has experienced. I pray that you live to be toothless. Happy birthday.

15: Nothing can take away my love for you. I love you with all I have got honey because you have always shown me that I am all that matters in your life.

16: Dear husband today I want you to remember that we celebrate your birthday only one time in a year but that I celebrate our love every day. I will celebrate you until I die. Happy birthday.


17: I am so glad because I know I can count on you. Today is another chance to remind you that you can count on me my love. Happy birthday.

18: As you increase the number of candles you blow every year, I want you to know that I will always be here with you. Even when every hair you have has turned white, I will still love you. Happy birthday.

19: I love you every day, but there is something different when you are the centre of attention for everybody. At such times I just want to whisk you away and give you some special loving. Happy birthday my love.

20: I want you to know that, to me, you are as sweet as your cake today. I pray that your sweetness never goes down and even though it does, I love more than your sweetness mu hubby so I will always be with you.

21: The day is so long when you are away from me. The hours drag on forever as I wait to see you again. I feel so lost and lonely when I am not holding your hand. Dear husband, I will love you forever and today, sweetheart, you are entitled to a great birthday party. I love you with all I have.

22: I thank God for all the blessings he has given me. The family, good health, great friends, and a beautiful home. Nevertheless, you are the gift that makes my heart jump with joy every minute. You are my world and I am so grateful for your love. Happy birthday, sweets.

23: Five decades down the line, and you still give me shivers. I went to the doctor concerned and he told me I am suffering from being loved too hard. Happy birthday, pumpkin.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Husband

Funny Birthday Wishes For Husband

24: If I had one wish to make, it would be that my husband becomes shorter so that I don’t have to struggle every day kissing him. But you know what? I am not making a wish and you can grow taller if you want. Just remember that I will always want you just the way you are.

25: Happy birthday sweet pie. Today I just wanted to confess that your love for me is overwhelming every day, and you never let me love you back as much. Can you sit back and let me love you back just for today?

26: Thank you for being my punching bag every day. I pray that you outlive me and grow stronger for all the punches I have in store for you. Happy birthday my love.

27: At times I wish I never had children. Then every birthday you remind me that I am one year nearer to becoming childless again. Can you make your birthdays come more often? Happy birthday, darling.

28: Happy birthday my babe. I want to remind you that you are the busiest go-getter, I know. You get the door. You go get us drinks. Most notably, you got me. To thank you for getting me, I am going to keep you forever.

29: As you pick your birthday gifts, please note yours are labeled” dear husband.” The rest which are the majority, were much cheaper and they are mine. That’s when I realized even the store recognizes my husband deserves gifts that are as expensive as him. Happy birthday.

30: It is yet another day in the year to accept that I must tolerate you forever. If I were you, I would make the most of this opportunity. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

31: Happy birthday my love. Today I wanted to show you my love, but because you are obsessed with loving me, you couldn’t let me quietly love you without trying to love me back. I will give you free lessons on how to receive love without returning it so that in future you enjoy your birthday.

32: Good husbands are a rare occurrence. On your special day today, I want to tell you to be careful when you are out there so that you don’t get stolen. Please don’t make me put a tracking device in you to protect you. Happy birthday loving husband.

33: You are so special to me, but I was appalled the other day to notice white hair on you. I never thought my prince charming would grow old. The most surprising thing is that you look more gorgeous and I love you even more now and always will. Happy birthday hon.

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