Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Myself — Inspirational, Prayer & In Advance
Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Myself

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Myself


Often, we are so engrossed with the plans to make others happy on their birthdays that we always expect the same favor on our own day. But we fail to remember is that we can’t love others better than we do ourselves. And there’s no sweeter birthday wish than the one we give to ourselves. In other words, if you don’t wish yourself a lovely birthday, what’s the point for even expecting it from people? So, make this year’s birthday different; take the first by choosing any of the birthday wishes for myself, for your use.


Birthday Wishes For Myself

Birthday Wishes For Myself

1: My growth has been nothing short of a wonder to me. On my birthday today, I celebrate the man I have grown to be. 

2: When I thought that I have witnessed enough of the Lord’s grace, He goes on to shower me with more by granting me another year to my life. Happy birthday to me!

3: Life is in dynamic processes; each of them bears wonderful lessons that widen our perspective of life. I am glad that, through the ups and downs, I am still standing tall. Happy birthday to me.

4: I have experienced both the good and difficult times. But in all, I am grateful to God that I am alive to testify of His goodness in all. Happy birthday to me, myself, and I.

5: It is my birthday today, and I am not taking it for granted for my life has been a journey that I have come to love with everything in me.

6: Happy birthday to myself. I am a year older, stronger, and wiser. I am already looking forward to another blissful year of celebration.

7: Wow!! It is another new year of immense thanksgiving in my life. Happy birthday to me.

8: Last year, I came, saw, and conquered. Today, I am stepping into a new year and hope to excel better than I did last year. 

9: Can someone hear me sing? Can you see me dancing? Can you hear my heart throbbing in joy? That’s because it’s my birthday today! Happy birthday to me.

10: I am one of those few who get better with age like fine wine. As I mark my birthday today, may the beauty of the new year follow me through to its end.

11: I love and accept myself the way I am. I am proud of my failures and achievements, and I am bold to say that I am the best of my kind. Happy birthday to me.

12: I woke up today, thrilled. That’s because I am healthy and sound to witness a brand new year in my life. Happy birthday to me.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes To Myself

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes To Myself

13: I can’t contain my joy; it is as though I am dreaming! I fought the fiercest battles of my life last year, and didn’t imagine seeing another year. But here I am today, celebrating my birthday. Thank you, Lord.

14: I am not under stress but I have great strength to announce that it’s my birthday today. Come and celebrate with me.

15: When I say that I am happy to be alive today, I am not exaggerating. Many are six feet below the ground; why won’t I be excited on my birthday?

16: If I have no reason to celebrate today, then, I am an ingrate. Indeed, I have a thousand and one reasons to rejoice for my new age.

17: All thanks to God who makes all things beautiful in His time. Happy birthday to my wonderful self!

18: I am unique, the only one of my kind. It is my birthday today; if I don’t celebrate myself, who will?

19: Make way for the queen as she celebrates her highly-esteemed birthday. Honestly, it hasn’t been easy living, but I am taking every day, one step at a time. Happy birthday to me.

20: I am not just a year older but also more enlightened. The mistakes of the past have no hold on me as I soar into my new year with full speed. Happy birthday to me.

21: You all can judge me all you like, but I am loving myself with no regrets. Happy birthday to me!

22: Happy birthday to myself. I dreamed that on my birthday this year, I will paint the town red with my squad of friends because they are the real MVPs. Without you guys, last year would have been a flop. Thank you.


Inspirational Birthday Wishes For Myself

Inspirational Birthday Wishes For Myself

23: Come to think of it; another 365 days have gone, and I am now in the day one of another 365 days ahead. Life is really a fun thing to do. Happy birthday to me.

24: I don’t care about the hurts I have had to suffer. I am fired up today because I am more than a survivor; I am a conqueror. Happy birthday to me.

25: It is incredible that a year went by smoothly, giving way for another beautiful one for me to partake in. Truly, it isn’t of my own making but God’s. Happy birthday to me.

26: The sun shone on me through my thin window blinds, teasing my still face with its dusty rays. Slowly, I opened my eyes to behold the magic of a new day. Incidentally, it is my birthday today. Happy birthday to my lovely self.

27: I didn’t struggle to see today rather, I was lifted on God’s wings and gently dropped on the earth. Happy birthday to me.

28: There were times I was prepared to give up on life. But then, fate had better plans for me. I am thankful for the gift of meeting another year in the land of the living. Happy birthday to me.

29: It is a saying that when life gives you lemons, you make a lemonade out of it. For me, when life gave me lemons, I returned them and asked for the apples I worked for. That’s how I roll. Happy birthday to me!

30: So far, so good. Life is beautiful. Happy birthday to my humble self.

Birthday Prayer For Myself

Birthday Prayer For Myself

31: Youthfulness is a blessing, but growing old is a greater blessing. I can’t trade my experiences and knowledge acquired through these years for anything. Happy birthday to me.

32: It is sobering to realize that many of those who were born on the same day with me are no more alive. If not for anything, I am thankful to still have breath in me. Happy birthday to me.

33: If it has not been for the Lord’s mercies, I would have been nowhere to be found. But thank God who has shown me immeasurable mercies. Happy birthday to me.

34: Happy birthday to me. I declare over my life that I am the head and not the tail. Nations shall celebrate me and my generation will remember me for good.

35: As long as the promises of God are valid, I will succeed in all that I do. My new year which began today shall be a laudable success. Everything I touch shall prosper. Happy birthday to me.

36: I shall not lack any good thing because the Lord’s favor has located me. My family shall be blessed through me, and disgrace shall be far from my life. Happy birthday to me.

37: I am a living testimony of from grass to grace. How it happened, I do not know. But all I know is that the blessings upon my life will remain permanent. Happy birthday to me.

38: I am juiced up that it’s my birthday today. I pray for myself that I shall not struggle to acquire the good things I desire. In fact, I am already favored.

Birthday Wishes For Myself In Advance

Birthday Wishes For Myself In Advance

39: To say that time flew is an understatement. Actually, time disappeared last year, and reappeared on the eve of my birthday. Happy birthday to me in advance.

40: By this time tomorrow, I will be turning 30. Join me friends, to usher in my exceptional birthday.

41: The old year is quickly rolling by for the new year to step in. It’s my birthday soon. Happy birthday to me in advance.

42: It is beautiful to know that I am only steps closer to my birthday. It is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in my sight. Happy birthday to me in addy.

43: I am ready to begin another journey of 365 days in a matter of hours. It is surreal to me, but as real as the skin on my face. Happy birthday to me in advance.

44: I am a blessing and not a burden, the pride of my household. I live a life of miracle, and I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday tomorrow.

45: The blessings of this life aren’t measured in material riches but in the simple privilege to breathe in and out. Happy birthday to me in advance.


Written by Cristina Mari Arreola

Cristina Mari Arreola is the Senior Books Editor at Hackstrive, where she writes about literary fiction, nonfiction, young adult novels, romance novels,