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Sweetest Goodnight Poems for Her

Sweetest Goodnight Poems for Her


The night usually ushers in the end of a day well spent. Even if your girlfriend, fiancee or wife stays awake to work through the night, good night poems to her via text or chat can be the needed sleep inducer for her. In addition to massaging her brain, good night poems to the love of your life clearly shows her that you value her a lot. With all these said, why not dive into the rich and original collections of good night poems below which we have written exclusively for your significant other?


Goodnight Poems For Her

Goodnight Poems For Her

The eastern wind blows away
The western wind approaches and waits
For the command from the night
To bring my beloved the gift of a cool atmosphere
Devoid of disturbances from prickly heat.
Not to worry; I am right here to tarry,
To see to it that every command issued for your sake
Is obeyed to the letter.
Good night, beloved.

It is nighttime
An opportunity to happily think backward
Into the daytime hours spent in your company
I wished there were words enough
To expound how excited I was
To be held by the spell of your presence
And the warmth of your lips
Let’s do it again, honey
For tomorrow is another day for us.
Good night.
The night promises

To envelop you with the good spirits
That bring only sweet dreams.
Just for you, baby,
The night whispers into your ears
Songs unheard by common ears
To lull my dearest to sleep
For she needs to match the morrow’s challenges
With the strength from a restful sleep.
Good night.

May your secret hopes
And wanton desires
Be met tonight
By the loving embrace
And tender stroking
That mark my ever true love for you.
Good night, dear.

When you hear my voice calling your name
Will you answer me?
When I touch your body inquisitively
Will you respond positively?
And when I tell you how much I miss you tonight
Will you believe me with no doubts, baby?

The clouds have turned orange
And are swiftly running to their home.
I, on the other hand, am still here waiting
Fully clad with the hope
That someday,
I will race home like the clouds
To spend the night with my girl
Never thinking of the distance between us
But until then,
Good night, mine…
We will smell each other soon.

Romantic Goodnight Poems For Her

Romantic Goodnight Poems For Her

Listen to the coordinated sound of my heartbeat
Written boldly in letters meant for your eyes alone.
I miss you and that settles it
For I will be right there by your side
Before the breaking of the dawn.
Good night, empress.

Good night wishes
Aren’t intended to put us in a solemn mood
But to serve as a reminder
That our day was a blessing to someone.
So, have a good night rest, my dearest.

I am sure angels are readily on guard tonight
To watch over you
And protect you
As the queen that you are.
Good night and sleep tight.

Nightmares, be gone!
Sleeplessness, out, will you?!
Clear the coast, armies of safety
For my sweetheart to dwell in her paradise of sleep
Until the right time for awakeness.

I don’t know which I miss more:
Your lovely company awake
Or your beautiful sleeping form.
May the hours be favorable to me
To be home on time for the two.

The sun has given way for the moon
To finish up with the business it started
Of lighting up our abode
For the whole world to see
That we lead a satisfying life.
Remember, we don’t care
What they will say
Because we’ve found each other
Not to be limited by our bedroom
Or heaping criticisms.
Good night, love.

No matter where I go
I carry you in my heart
Mountains regardless
And the deepest forms of the oceans notwithstanding
I bear you in my heart
Never letting go of you for any pain
Determined to share the gains
Of staying put for you.
Good night, honey.

Roses are red
Green is the color of health.
Thinking of you calls to vision
Romance, passion, and desire
And tonight, as you prepare to sleep
I want you to bear in mind
That I won’t stop thinking of you.
Good night.

By now,
Your bathtub is set to receive you
Full of bubbles to devour your body
As the scent of jasmine fill the air.
I am jealous of the plain tub
That has nothing but its shiny structure to show.
I blame it not though
Because if I were there
I would have scrubbed and washed your body
Tenderly and warmly
Until you ask me
To quench the fire in you.
Good night, cutie.


If only you were here with me
I would have taught you how to explore the night
From the eyes of another.
If only I could have you alone with me
I would have shown you how perfectly I see your perfection
No matter how flawed you think yourself to be.
Good night, my flawless love.

Sweet Goodnight Poems For Her

Sweet Goodnight Poems For Her

I woke up with a start
As one who forgot to do the needful
For his lover who anticipates his farewell messages
Pardon me, my love
For while I was fantasizing about you
I drifted off to sleep.
This isn’t a goodbye message though,
I love you very much.
Good night.

I have undressed
Stripped myself of any hindering thought
That could steal me away from you.
I am all yours tonight,
Ready to experience you the way I have imagined you to be
Unchanging, deep, all-curious.
Probe me all you can,
I won’t hold back anything from you.
Good night.

You are a pure delight to watch,
An ethereal beauty that even the night can’t resist.
If you knew half of what I think of you,
You would forever be thankful to your Maker
Who made you under the purest of lights.
Good night, baby.

Lock me away in the prison of your heart
Keep me held without any ransom within the confines of your soul
Make me yearn always for a taste of your body
Punish me all you can
But that makes me love you intensely like a crazy man.
Good night, beauty.

The stars proudly dot the night sky
Oblivious of the jealousy from the fire flies.
You remain a permanent feature in my life
To the disappointment of all
Who think we can never last.
Good night, my pretty one.

We will take advantage of the night
To relish on the details of the day we missed.
Even though we won’t be able to resist sleep when it comes knocking
It is a guarantee that we will wake up healthy and hearty.
Good night, babe.

You are beautiful beyond mere descriptions
Especially when you lie asleep
With your rich hair splayed on the pillow.
Sleep tight, angel.

You are my sweet bride
The epitome of loveliness
And the standard for elegance.
You are fruitful
Bearing only sumptuous fruits
Which satisfy and replenish me
In all ways conceivable
Am I glad to marry you?
No, I am beyond myself with joy and happiness to call you mine.
Good night.

While many are afraid of the night
I am bold to call it forth
For it is only in the night
That I can have sweet dreams of you
Running barefooted
In the private garden of our love affair.
Good night, sweet.

Funny Good Night Poem For Her

Funny Good Night Poem For Her

I want to tell you
That I want to be a part of your night rest tonight
To be wanted by you
And to live like the wanted of my lover.
Will you oblige me the honor?

I have a dream
That one day
I will bring you home
With your express permission, of course
To experience what it feels like
Having a beautiful woman under my sheets.
Good night, darling.

I send you bouquets of flowers
To decorate your room with.
Here are bars of chocolates
To drive away pangs of hunger
If you are still bent on seeing the flowers and chocolates
Wait till morning to buy them yourself.
Good night, twinkle star!

Before I would be able to fully enjoy the morning and afternoon in your company
The killjoy night emerges with much forcefulness
To grab you home.
How I wish I have made you my wife already
Just to shame the selfish night.
Good night, dear.

I would never know how your lips taste
Until you let me kiss them.
It isn’t like I am asking for the impossible;
You derive joy in making me beg for what rightfully belongs to me
Or how can you explain that I am legally and publicly married to you, babe?
Good night, anyways.

For the joy and laughter you bring to our home, thank you.
For the good food you prepare which I enjoy feasting on, thank you.
As for the ugly smell of your farts, I warn you to desist from such heartlessness.
I love you like that, though.

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