Graduation Wishes — to Make the Graduate Feel Like a True Achiever


Graduation Wishes to Make the Graduate Feel Like a True Achiever

Graduation Wishes to Make the Graduate Feel Like a True Achiever

Graduating is a big achievement for the graduate and a remarkable milestone to acquire. It’s the highest recognition after putting in the hard work to become qualified. It is, therefore, a day that they treasure and feel so proud of themselves for making it that far. The graduation is, in turn, a great event that the graduate looks forward to celebrating with friends and loved ones. The day should be made extra special to make the graduate know that you recognize the effort and sacrifice they made to achieve the qualifications. It’s also a chance to welcome them to the real world of responsibilities and setbacks. Encourage them and let them know they can prosper in this world as well.

If someone you know is graduating, show them your love and appreciation by sending them a message that will encourage them and lift their spirits. We are experts in composing graduation wishes, and all you have to do is pick the one that best suits the candidate. Come with me below to sample the wishes.

Graduation Wishes

Graduation Wishes

1: All the effort you put, all the sleep you lost, all the headache of not performing as you wanted have all finally paid off. Look at you now, eventually graduating. I would love for you to know I am so proud of you. Congratulations.

2: I always had faith in you to deliver, and I am glad you haven’t let me down. Congratulations on your graduation.

3: Congratulations on your graduation. Take the knowledge you have acquired and make your life great with it.

4: You started this journey with many others who are now nowhere to be seen because they gave up along the way. It is such a display of resilience and determination on your part to have reached this milestone. The world is your oyster go, baby. Congratulations.

5: How time has flown! Just the other day you were this young thing, and now you are all grown and such an achiever. I wish you the best that life has to offer. Congratulations on your graduation.

6: I know this was your lifelong dream, and you have made it come true. May you have bigger dreams and may they all come to pass. Congratulations on your graduation.

7: Today will forever be one of your best and happiest memories in your life. I just wanted to encourage you to use the same determination and diligence to achieve even bigger goals in life. Congratulations.

8: You are now done with the lectures and lessons but the race of real life has just begun. The precedent you have set for yourself is very promising. Keep working daily to become a better version of yourself. I hope you have fun today. Congratulations for your accomplishment.

9: Your life has now just begun. I trust you are going to conduct your future life like you have done your past. I wish you all the best and good luck in life. Congratulations as you graduate.

10: I am glad you didn’t give up when you felt like you couldn’t do it anymore. Look at you now, all smiley and proud of yourself. You have made me so honored to be associated with you. Congratulations on your graduation.

11: Your future looks very bright, and the only way from this point is up. Take the challenge and make the most of it. You have just shown the world your capability. Congratulations on graduating.

12: I take this chance to congratulate you for the diligent work you have done. This is the utmost display of dedication and hard work. Congratulations, and I wish you a future as bright as your achievement.

13: Your hard work makes life seem easy. You are such a go-getter and a great inspiration to many. I pray the success may follow you in everything you set to do. Congratulations on graduating.

14: You have successfully finished this phase, and it’s now time to follow your dreams and aspirations. If you have done this, then you can take on whatever the future brings. Congratulations and enjoy your graduation.

15: Life will present you with both opportunities and trials, but you have what it takes to handle each of them. I trust you will always remain motivated even when things don’t go your way. Congratulations on graduation.

16: This is a very admirable achievement you have got yourself. I pray that all your dreams may come to pass. You can count on my support at all times. Congratulations on your graduation.

17: Make the best out of today because it’s your day. Take photos, dance like no one’s watching. Then take a well-deserved rest and ready yourself to conquer the world because you can. Congratulations.

18: Congratulations on the day you have been dreaming of and looking forward to. It’s an honor for me to be here to witness one of the happiest days of your life.

Funny Graduation Wishes

Funny Graduation Wishes

19: I am wondering if I should let the secret out now, or you will think I am raining on your parade. Let me just say it and let you know that the piece of paper you have gotten is not a magic ward. You have to find a job and do the job religiously to earn your living. Congratulations on your graduation.

20: I know what you think because I thought the same thing. That now you are a free soul with no parents, teachers and lecturers on your neck but boy, you couldn’t be more wrong! Yes, of course, you have no one asking why you performed so poorly but deciding the course your future takes is the most depressing thing on earth. Congratulations on your graduation.

21: I now believe in miracles. I can’t believe that sloppy you is actually graduating. Surely you should not judge a book by its cover. Congratulations on your graduation.

22: I am appalled people think this is such an achievement for you. Is it not obvious you would graduate and do exceptionally well given your past school track record? You were always the top student all through elementary to high school. Today I still expected you to be the top graduate. Congratulations on being a graduate.

23: I am sure I would have done better than you if I was in your class. Because I was not, I will not say congratulations to myself but to you. Congratulations on your graduation.

24: So you are wondering how the years in college have gone by so fast? Welcome to the world where your life is actually going to fly by, and if you are not careful, it will pass you by and be gone forever. Congratulations on graduation.

25: It is no time to rest. If anything, your marathon in life has just begun, so brace yourself. Enjoy today all you can. Congratulations on graduating.

26: I pity you and advise you to take a big break first. You have just gotten started, given education is endless. Congratulations graduate.

27: I really hope you had a dope time in college. Waking up early to go to work where no one gives two hoots what you got in college awaits you. Don’t pretend to forget the student loans that made you so enjoy college life. Congratulations, dear graduate.

28: Welcome to the adult world. We just got an additional senior, and I am happy I won’t be feeling old alone. Congratulations.

29: I didn’t know a monster lived inside me until today. The green-eyed monster has come out and I am so green with envy. Congratulations, and I am glad you did us all proud.

30: You made this look so easy I am so attempted to give it a go. Just sign up for classes, sit and relax, and in a few years, everyone will come to congratulate me. Congratulations on your graduation.

31: Welcome to the workplace world. Here you will give your all but your boss will get the credit. Where you also can’t just sleep in when you please and catch up with work from colleagues. Get used to it. Congratulations though.

32: Here is a list of things you must bid goodbye: lunchtime naps and meal schemes. You must now warmly welcome student loan repayment, taxes, cooking and eight hours of working. Congratulations on graduating.

33: Congratulations on your big day. I bet no one else has the guts to ask you this, but do you have a plan?

34: Yes, you have done a great job, put in the hard work, and have been awarded. I thought you should know that not all that you spent time learning is useful in the real world. Congratulations on graduation.

35: I bet you have been congratulated for everything: your hard work, your discipline, honesty and obedience. Congratulations on graduating, but also congratulations from me on your fancy gown.

36: Your achievements today prove you really loved to pay to work. You are now going to have an even greater time as you work to get paid. Congratulations on graduating.

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