Happy 18th Birthday Wishes — My Son, My Daughter & Funny
Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes


Clocking 18 is a big achievement in the life of every teenager. That is so because, in most countries of the world, it is the age of accountability as well as freedom to do everything “adult-ly” legal. So, it isn’t out of place for your teenage son, daughter, friend or relative to be all excited at the prospect of stepping into that milestone age. To celebrate and share in their joy with them, begin by sending them any or more of the happy 18th birthday wishes below:


Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

1: Happy 18th birthday, dear. 18 looks sure good on you for you’ve become more grown, attractive, and wiser.

2: It is a great privilege to live long enough to witness your 18th birthday. I pray that heaven will shower on you, all the blessings associated with your new age. Happy birthday.

3: Need I say that the years went by quite fast? It feels as though it was yesterday that we celebrated your fifteenth birthday. Happy 18th birthday, darling. Keep growing in grace.

4: Time is one of the most important commodities available to us on earth. I wish that your new age will afford you the time to live your dreams to the fullest whilst fulfilling purpose. Happy 18th birthday, dear.

5: I hope that you find more peace, joy, and enjoy great friendship as you clock 18 today. I love you.

6: There is no doubt that this is your season to break through and break forth. You’ve long been prepared to match into your 18th birthday, and the time is here. Congratulations!

7: You are a cheerful young fellow, always determined to push ahead in spite of the challenges you encounter along the way. I am sure your birthday today will be filled with so much fun. Happy 18th birthday.

8: There’s no other person like you. In other words, you are who you are because you were created differently. May you gain a deeper knowledge of your unique personality as you clock 18 today. I celebrate you.

9: I wished there was a way to paint the great excitement that bubbles my heart as I witness your 18th birthday come to pass. With this same excitement, I send you a birthday message of hope, peace, love, prosperity, and long life. Have fun, my beloved.

10: The skies are blue and bright. The seas are green and glad. The earth is brown and blown out. It is your 18th birthday today, and we are ready to create a storm with our terrific happiness.

11: I have never for once, doubted your ability to live a life worthy of emulation. Even before you clocked 18 today, you’ve shown that you are a person to be counted upon. Happy 18th birthday. I am always proud of you.

12: There’s no question on the success of your new age because you are already living the success. So, have no fear. Happy 18th birthday.

13: I looked forward to this day to come, and I am happy to nor be disappointed. This is the day I planned to wish you a huge happy birthday with not just words, but also with lovely gifts that befits your new status as an adult. The gifts are on the way. Happy 18th birthday; have fun.

14: I want to be among the first group of your loved ones to wish you a beautiful 18th birthday today. You are a good person who deserve everything wonderful that accompanies your new age.

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes To Your son

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes To Your son

15: Son, I am delighted to wish you a happy 18th birthday as you step into the beginning phase of all the beginnings in an adult’s life. May this year be a trouble-free one for you. Live joyously too.

16: When I count my blessings, I count the blessing of having you as my son twice. You are a true source of inspiration to me apart from being the first fruit of my womb. Happy 18th birthday.

17: Wherever the soles of your feet shall touch, you will possess. May you command influence in high places. Happy 18th birthday, son.

18: You are as a rock to me, showing the steadiness and support that go beyond your chronological age. As you turn 18 today, may your joy never diminish even for a second. May all your good heart desires be met according to God’s will for your life.

19: Ever since your birth, you’ve brought nothing but warmth and hope to me and your mom. With your 18th birthday happening today, I can boldly say that you are one of the best gifts that we’ve ever had. Happy birthday, dear son.


20: You are not only my son but my friend also. You are not only my son but also my confidante. You are not only my son but also my motivation to be an ideal mother. Happy 18th birthday, buddie.

21: I guess no amount of wishes from me can equate with the priceless blessings your presence has brought in my life. As you become 18 today, I wish you the best harvests of the land. Also, I wish you increase beyond your wildest imaginations.

22: Though life doesn’t promise to be an easy one, I bless you with speed and helpers as you celebrate your 18th birthday. Go and succeed, son. Enjoy a great birthday celebration.

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes To Your Daughter

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes To Your Daughter

23: She is a princess, comely and reserved. She’s a warrior, indefatigable and determined to succeed. She’s my daughter, ever helpful, ever loving. Happy 18th birthday, sweetheart.

24: I have known you to be strong, never bowing to pressure no matter the kind. As you become 18 today, let none of that change. I love you, my girl.

25: With your becoming 18 today, you’ve grown from the little, curious girl to a big, considerate adult. May you live long to be celebrated every year, and in a more grand style than the previous.

26: Parenting you has been one of the easiest task heaven has assigned to me. The reason is because you came to me with a n affectionate spirit and a kind heart. Happy 18th birthday, queen. I love you.

27: When it felt as though it would never come, behold, 18 surfaced in your life. And it shows clearly on you for you are sweeter, prettier, and more focused in your future than ever. Happy birthday, my daughter.

28: I want you to know today that you are much loved than you could ever imagine. It isn’t just because you are my daughter, but because you are special to me. Happy 18th birthday.

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes For Your Cousin

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes For Your Cousin

29: We grew up together to be the best of friends. We fought and made up, not allowing a day pass without creating mischief in certain quarters. As you turn 18 today, here is to a new year of reckless adventures for us!

30: To me, you are more than a cousin for we have practically shared our good and bad moments together. Happy 18th birthday, friend.

31: You’ve watched over my kids like they are yours, never turning down my requests to babysit them no matter how inconveniencing. On your 18th birthday today, I pray that people of importance will favor you in all ways. May you never lack helpers. I love you.

32: Thanks, Cuz, for being the older sister I never had. On the occasion of your 18th birthday today, I wish you God’s super blessings.

33: You are blessed with every perfect blessing that is deserving of you. They will be more pronounced even as you clock 18 today.

34: I can assure you that I learned to be more considerate of people in the family from you. In you, I have found a mentor. Happy 18th birthday, cousin.

35: For believing in me when no one would, for defending me in my absence, for speaking the truth at all times, thank you, bro. Happy 18th birthday.

Funny 18th Birthday Wishes

Funny 18th  Birthday Wishes

36: It’s quite obvious that you are now legally entitled to break rules and suffer the consequences too. In all, ensure you stay out of prison. Happy 18th birthday, dear.

37: From being the scowling, tantrum-thrower of yesterday to becoming a fully grown-up young man of today, it’s clear that time changes people. Congrats on your 18th birthday celebration.

38: One thing led to another, and you have been inducted into the Adult People Life Of Miseries by clocking 18. I wish you well adult-ing.

39: There were times I wished you remained that little angel that loved running errands for me. But now you are 18, I don’t want that anymore. Make some money for us, baby!

40: Being 18 isn’t a license to lose sense. Always remember that, young woman.

41: We will break some bottles and get ourselves drunk for our kid sis has joined the 18s club. Isn’t God wonderful?


Written by Cristina Mari Arreola

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