The Most Romantic Love Paragraphs For Her — Cute Short & Deep Long
Love Paragraphs For Her

The Most Romantic Love Paragraphs For Her


The little things count in a romantic relationship, especially if the mutual intention is to keep the love alive. That means both partners should strive to go out of their ways to bring pleasure to each other, no matter how insignificant the actions may look.


From buying simple gifts on random days to complimenting your partner’s efforts in helping out with chores, the list of the little but thoughtful things that will boost your relationship is endless. In this post, we are bringing you love paragraphs for your wife or girlfriend which can make a big difference in her affection for you. In a positive way.

To further buttress the importance of these love paragraphs for her and at the risk of using a cliché, women are moved by the words they hear or read. So, we invite you to add these passionate love paragraphs to your portfolio of the sweet, little things you do for your woman to feel loved, wanted, and appreciated.

Love Paragraphs For Her

Love Paragraphs For Her

1: Never forget that I will always be your hero to the farthest end of life. I mean every single word of it.

2: You are the source of my well-being. No affliction, hardship, or trial I face can dry me up as long as I have your arms draped on my chest every waking day of my life.

3: It’s impossible to stay angry with you with your soft eyes and melodious voice. I am not sure why God gave you to me, but I am forced to think that He knew I won’t ever stop loving you.

4: I have every reason to be grateful to Providence for giving me a kind-hearted woman of natural elegance as you. You sure turned my world around.

5: Riches and influence crumble flat to the ground in your presence. Nothing compares to the power of the confidence you exude, the aura of majesty you carry. Love you, babe.

6: Whenever I am with you, hunger and boredom seem to be abstract terms because you fill me up in a fulfilling way.

7: Trust me to stand by you even if the whole world is against us. Believe me when I tell you that I will protect you and your best interest at all costs. Even if it means that my relationship with others will become threatened.

8: I eat to satisfy hunger. I breathe to sustain life. I need you to live meaningfully.

9: Before I met you, I only had faith in my personal happiness. With you in my life, I can hardly take a step into tomorrow without thinking about its effect on you. That’s the power of your influence on me.

Romantic Love Paragraphs For Her

Romantic Love Paragraphs For Her

10: I am happy with you. That’s all that makes the most sense in my life.

11: You are subtly beautiful, the quintessence of magical charm, and the carrier of vibrant optimism for purposeful living. Don’t be surprised that I envy you. A lot!

12: When you sway your body, it triggers a million nerve cells in me to want to grab you and kiss you senseless.

13: I honor and respect you because you are a woman first, and then my lover and the mother of our kids.

14: The best gift I received for my future was your acceptance of my marriage proposal to you. I am glad that you made me your husband.

15: Do you know that you are the sexiest woman alive? Yes, you are, honey.

16: I made the best choice in wooing you to be my girlfriend. My life has never been the same, for good, ever since we started dating.

17: Letters and words, roses and scents, time and pleasure, you and me. Forever.

18: I hope that my love for you will surpass any you’ve ever had before mine. I hope that I will keep loving you intensely, that you won’t have to look for another love to satisfy you.

19: As the dew of the morning, your love brings refreshment to my soul. As the night can’t have enough of the stars, so my life depends on the light of your love to shine. I belong to you, sweetheart.

20: I will have to walk in your shoes as a woman, to understand the weight of your sacrifice to keep our home running. It’s impossible for me to know all that you go through for us. But bear in mind that I am ever grateful to you as my loving wife and the mother of our home. Anything you want, baby, I am ready to do for your happiness.


21: Between you and I, there’s love nestled comfortably, gloriously beaming its light of tender affection on our young hearts, and urging us to stick to the goodness it reveals in us.

22: I am convinced that my achievement so far in life would have been a fairy tale without your unwavering support for my radical dreams. Thanks for all that you have done for me, angel.

Cute Short Love Paragraphs For Her

Cute Short Love Paragraphs For Her

23: I can never put you second to any other, will ever be loyal to you, and will have no reason to doubt your love for me. That’s my solemn promise to you, babe.

24: Whenever you are in a bad place in your life, just remember that you have someone out there who daily roots for your happiness. That person is me.

25: With you, I have no choice than to walk on top of the world. You brought out the champion in me.

26: Every year, you add to your beauty. Obviously, yours is the beauty of an old wine.

27: Thank you for loving me like I am the only man in the entire universe. If you think I don’t pay attention to your sweet care, then you are quite mistaken, bae.

28: I always look forward to cradling your plump face in my hands and kissing you “Welcome home” any time you walk through the door.

29: I have made the decision to capture every moment we share together, and saving them in the safest part of my heart where no sadness or hurt can corrupt.

30: I carry you in my heart anywhere I go. It’s about the only thing I can do to keep myself functioning like a sane man.

31: I have had my fair share of wins and failures. But I can guarantee you that loving you has been my greatest victories in my short life.

32: Blessing is coming home every close of work to you.

33: Your love inspires me to aim for the top in my career. It pushes me on, and challenges me to take charge, and to bring home results of sweet-smelling savor!

Deep Long Love Paragraphs For Her

Deep Long Love Paragraphs For Her

34: Anytime I want to tell you how much you mean to me, I find it hard to capture the essence of your value in mere words. Yet, my heart won’t let me rest until I speak out its desire. The best way I can say it is that you are to me, a diamond discovered in the most unexpected place. Do you know what is done with such a treasure? It is cherished and esteemed above any other item of endowment. That is how I value you, my priceless jewel.

35: I have made up my mind to be the best lover and dad you and our babies will ever have. I am determined to make good my decision because you guys are all I have got in life. Therefore, I am open to your corrections and suggestions, while not neglecting the role your words of affirmation play in my growth.

36: Comparing the before and after years of my life with you, I must confess that I am one of the luckiest gents alive to be in a relationship with a lady with a heart of gold. You don’t even have to believe it; you are too modest to accept that you are special. But that doesn’t stop me from screaming my good luck to the hearing of the whole world.

37: I don’t think anyone has ever being struck so hard on the cheeks as was done to me by love, that they lost their bragging right as an unrepentant, noncommittal playboy. That was how you caught me in your net, and I don’t wish to be set free. We do have our differences, fights and arguments, but I choose to always love you twice as hard as any friction between us.

38: We were at the right place and time for our first meeting which became the first step into our blissful romance. After all these years, your brightness hasn’t dimmed for once in my eyes. And certainly, my love for you doesn’t seem to get tired of ravaging your entire being. Come what may, you’ll remain that young girl with a svelte figure who I accidentally bumped into in a busy school campus.


Written by Cristina Mari Arreola

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