Romantic Pick Up Lines for Him — Sweet, Cute & Funny
94 Romantic Pick Up Lines for Him

94 Romantic Pick Up Lines for Him


To start with, pick up lines are as old as the phrase “pick up.” The pick up lines below are helpful when you want to engage a guy in a chitty chatty, romantic way. Corny or funny, these conversation starters are sure to draw his attention to you. However, it is your responsibility to keep the conversation going with your man once you’ve succeeded with any of these pick up lines. Ready? Let’s go get him!


Romantic Pick Up Lines For Him

 Romantic Pick Up Lines For Him

1: You must be manna sent from heaven. I’ve never seen any man of like manner on earth.

2: What’s your time saying? Mine is screaming, “I’m glad I met you today!”

3: You must be the reason I left my house in a hurry. Your kind is a limited edition.

4: There’s someone I’ve been looking for all my life; he’s got exactly your features and qualities. So, have you met him by any chance?

5: Is your surname Goose? Because you’re giving me the Goosebumps!

6: Have you ever been mistaken for the chocolate man? Your complexion is the right blend of rich chocolates.

7: How are you coping all covered up? You are so hot!

8: Tell me; apart from me, who else is smitten by you?

9: Can you tell between a joke and an actual proposal? Because I’m about to make one.

10: It’s easy to fish you out from the crowd because you are a goldfish!

11: Unless you’re a frying pan don’t turn me down.

12: I guess you are good enough in Math to know that you and I equal one.

13: I don’t own an iPhone but I’ll be happy to make you the only client of my latest vibes.

14: How dazzling is the light of your charming demeanor! I need some dark shades badly.

15: Do you have some water and more with you? I got thirsty on seeing you.

16: You look like a supermodel. What’s your price for a day’s worth of hangout with me?

17: Morning star or Starlight? Your name should bear some form of star in it.

18: Can I have you as dessert? You’re so yummy I can’t resist.

19: Do you love surprises? Don’t worry, you’ll be happy with what you see when you unwrap me.

20: Can you put your laptop aside for a cuddle on my laps, please?

Sweet Pick Up Lines For Him

21: What’s the title of your song? I’m totally tuned into you.

22: Are you some fruit? I’ve gone bananas for you.

23: Do you move with a lifesaver? I think I’m drowning in your love.

Sweet Pick Up Lines For Him

24: After God created you, He rested. That’s why you’re a man.

25: Can I tell you one truth? You’re too smooth to be walked on without one falling for you.

26: Are you yogurt? You’ll do my keto life a lot of good.

27: Is your name Perfect? You look it, through and through.

28: Do you play the guitar? My heartstrings are longing for your touch.

29: Your eyes tell me you need me. Are my lips lying or not?

30: You and I with our chemistry in between will make a great sandwich.

31: You’re effortlessly charming. For how long do you practice every day?

32: If I spend all the money I have on you, will your warm hugs spare me some change?

33: Your lips look a bit dull. Mind if I give it a kiss for a touch-up?

34: Whenever I need to catch a glimpse of Paradise, all I’ll do is look into your eyes.

35: Should I let the whole world know or do you want to tell them that I love you?

36: I don’t think we’ve met before. If we had, we should have been married a long time ago.

37: You’re an expert crusher. You have me smitten into smithereens for you.

38: Before you walk away, can you give me three reasons why I shouldn’t stare at your behind?

39: Do you take sweets for breakfast? Girls are always after you like ants.

40: Like an ugly tumor, it’s difficult to get you out of my mind without hurting myself.

41: Since life isn’t a bed of roses, I don’t mind being torn repeatedly by the thorns of your noes.

42: I came with an inhaler in case your presence makes me lose my breath.

43: I hope you won’t get offended if I kiss you unexpectedly? You’ve got me drunk in your love.


44: Are you mom’s favorite? I feel like cuddling you affectionately.

45: Do you understand coding? My system is showing just these four letters: L-O-V-E.

46: Batter sounds like butter. Do you think lovers and strangers sound alike?

47: If you’re a pencil that can write thoughtlessly, I am an eraser that ensures that no one sees your mistakes.

48: You’ve got the beatings of my heart so well that they thump generously anytime I see you.

Cute Pick Up Lines For Him

49: Is your dad a sculptor? You’re a masterpiece!

50: If I become your headache, will you tasks aspirin for me?

51: Scrambled or poached, you’ll make an eggcellent meal for breakfast after breakfast.

52: I’m a horse. Will you be my rider?

53: You’re the yolk for my egg white. Without you, I won’t have many kid fans.

54: Like water is to a desert traveler, you’re too important to be an accessory in my life.

55: Even if time isn’t in existence, I will still lose count of how often I think of you.

Cute Pick Up Lines For Him

56: You are the center of my life. Once you leave, my life will fall apart.

57: I think I lost my way. Can you direct me aright to your heart?

58: You’re as fancy as a picture. Will you be my phone’s wallpaper?

59: Can I have your number? I want to see how it looks in my contacts.

60: They say, “Show me your friend, and I’ll tell you who you are.” I want people to describe me through you.

61: Hello, I’m gorgeous. Pleased to meet you.

62: You must be cookies. I feel like biting into you.

63: I have kissed so many frogs and none became my prince. Are you the One I’ve been waiting for?

64: Your broad shoulders look trustworthy. Can I lean on them?

65: You are a sexy cowboy. Your cologne just leaked your secret.

66: I want to be the U in your YOU, the last letter that completes YOU, the only letter that differentiates YOU from YO.

67: I have only one question. Will you be my answer?

68: What does love mean to you? For me love is you.

69: You will look sexier on my bed. Should we give it a try?

70: You’re vanilla. My cake is incomplete without your flavor.

71: I’ll want our conversation to start as a drop and expand to other areas. Like oil.

72: I wouldn’t mind being your Juliet as long as you will be my Romeo.

73: Books mean nothing if there are no readers. Likewise my womanhood without your manly touch.

74: Will staying with you give me Vitamin D? My mother told me that of the sunshine.

75: Are you blue blood? You carry yourself like royalty.

76: There’s something about you that tells me that you want to ask me out. Are you going to hide your feelings forever?

Funny Romantic Pick Up Lines For Him

77: I was minding my business until your masculine scent distracted me briefly. Now, I can’t remember exactly which business I was minding.

78: You and I can make a perfect blend of You-nite. If you’ll agree.

79: Happy St. Atricks’ Day. I’ll give you the Pee later.

80: I love my coffee hot, creamy, and smooth. Just like you.

81: Is your love as highly sought after as an American Visa and as strong as the Pounds Sterling?

82: Don’t push me to the wall. You won’t like to let go of me.

83: I wish it’s just the two of us here. I would have told you what you shouldn’t hear.

84: You are my pride. I want to show you off for the world to see.

85: Are you a rock? You’ve not moved an inch from your position!

86: I don’t know your name but I hope it isn’t lame.

87: Are you a stethoscope? My heart beats for you.

88: With the world under our feet, we have only heaven to deal with.

89: You are inestimable in value. Diamonds are mere pebbles in comparison.

90: If you’re some wine, you’ll be the most wanted by sommeliers.

91: Every day with you feels like Christmas. Are you Santa’s son?

92: Aloe! I’m Vera.

93: I hate you. The opposite is the truth.

94: Your kind of star is found during the day. You must be very special.


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