Ross MBA Fellowship Opportunities
Ross MBA Fellowship Opportunities

Ross MBA Fellowship Opportunities


There is a world of business possibilities at the Michigan Ross School of Business! If you’re dreaming of an MBA that’s both prestigious and transformative, you’re in the right place. Ross is renowned for its innovative approach to business education, shaping leaders who make a positive impact in the corporate realm. This article will talk about a crucial aspect of pursuing this dream – the Ross MBA Fellowship that not only open doors to excellence but also alleviate the financial hurdles many aspiring business leaders face.


In this article, we’ll break down the essentials – from eligibility criteria to tips on crafting a winning application. If you’ve ever wondered about the financial aspects of pursuing an MBA at Ross, this guide is your roadmap to understanding, applying, and hopefully securing a fellowship that aligns with your ambitions. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Types of Ross MBA Fellowships

Alright, let’s explore Ross MBA Fellowships and break down the different types in a way that’s easy to grasp. Think of these fellowships like special keys that can unlock opportunities for your MBA adventure at Michigan Ross. There are three main types to explore: merit-based, need-based, and diversity and inclusion fellowships. Each type comes with its own unique qualities, and in this section, we’re going to unwrap the magic behind each key, helping you understand how they can open doors to financial support and make your MBA dreams more achievable. 

Merit-based Fellowships

Merit-based fellowships at Ross are like special recognition badges for outstanding achievements. Let’s explore a few of these badges that can significantly lighten the financial load on your MBA journey. First up, we have the Forte MBA Fellowship for Women. It’s like a golden ticket for female MBA students across 54 universities in Canada, the US, and the UK. Awarding up to £20,000, it’s a one-time magic fund for tuition fees, recognizing academic excellence, professional achievements, and leadership skills.

Next on our list is the ROMBA LGBTQIA2S+ Fellowships. Think of this fellowship as a key to unlocking opportunities for LGBTQIA2S+ leaders. Collaborating with Reaching Out MBA, Michigan Ross selects promising students for scholarships and exclusive leadership programming. Beyond the monetary support, fellows get a chance to attend retreats, network with a cohort of 100+ fellows, and access various workshops and events, adding extra shine to their MBA experience.

Another program is the Erb Institute Scholarships for Environmental Sustainability. Starting in 2023, Ross and SEAS students will receive a $10,000 Erb Institute scholarship during their last semester. There’s also an additional $10,000 Erb Institute Public Service Scholarship for students with a background in public service.

Lastly, we have the Tauber Institute for Global Operations Scholarships. Picture this as a bridge between business and engineering, providing a unique blend of education. With approximately 100 students graduating each year, the highlight is a 14-week, on-site paid internship that not only enriches their learning but also yields substantial financial returns for sponsoring companies—like a win-win magic potion for both students and businesses.

Need-based Fellowships

Need-based fellowships at Ross act as lifelines for those facing financial challenges on their MBA journey. These fellowships are like helping hands, ensuring that deserving individuals can pursue their dreams without the burden of excessive financial strain. One such lifeline is the Alumni Board of Governors Award. It serves as a beacon of support for students facing unforeseen financial hardships during their time at Ross. This award, endowed by the Alumni Board of Governors, provides crucial assistance when it’s needed the most, embodying the spirit of the Ross community.


Next, we have the Ross Community Impact Scholarship, a fellowship program that mirrors the commitment to making a positive difference. This scholarship recognizes students who have demonstrated a remarkable impact in their communities, reflecting the values of social responsibility and community engagement. It’s not just about academic prowess but also about contributing to the greater good, turning financial aid into a force for positive change.

For those who have served our nations, the Yellow Ribbon Program for Veterans stands as a beacon of gratitude and support. This fellowship ensures that veterans can pursue their MBA without financial barriers. Originating from a commitment to honor military service, the Yellow Ribbon Program collaborates with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, symbolizing a collective effort to give back to those who have served and sacrificed.

Tips for Applying for Ross MBA Fellowships

First and foremost, understand the specific eligibility criteria for each fellowship. Whether it’s merit-based or need-based, knowing the key requirements is like having a roadmap – it guides you in the right direction. Take the time to align your achievements and experiences with the fellowship criteria, showcasing a clear connection between your profile and what the fellowship values.

Crafting a compelling personal statement is your chance to stand out. It’s not just about your academic achievements; it’s about telling your unique story. Highlight instances where your leadership, innovation, or community impact shines. Think of it as your personal pitch – a chance to make a memorable impression on the fellowship committee.

Building a strong application is like constructing a solid bridge – each element supports the other. Ensure your resume reflects not only your academic accomplishments but also your leadership roles, extracurricular activities, and any community service. This holistic approach showcases your versatility and commitment to making a positive impact.

Prepare for interviews like you would for a crucial business meeting. Understand the fellowship’s values and be ready to articulate how your background aligns with their mission. It’s your opportunity to express why you’re not just a candidate but a future contributor to the Ross community.

Leverage the resources available to you. Seek advice from current fellows, alumni, or even faculty members. Their insights can be invaluable in understanding what the fellowship committee is looking for and how you can tailor your application to meet those expectations.

Demonstrate your genuine interest in Ross and how the fellowship will contribute to your personal and professional goals. Committees appreciate applicants who see the fellowship not just as financial assistance but as an integral part of their MBA journey.

Lastly, meet deadlines diligently. Time management is a key skill in business, and the application process is no exception. Missing deadlines can send the wrong message about your organizational skills and commitment. Treat each deadline as a milestone toward your goal.


From the Forte Fellowship empowering women to the Erb Institute’s focus on sustainability, these fellowships are like magical bridges connecting dreams with reality. Whether you’re aiming for merit-based recognition or need-based assistance, each fellowship is a chance to shape your MBA journey at Michigan Ross.

Now, imagine holding these keys in your hands, ready to open doors to a transformative experience. If you’re an aspiring MBA student, don’t let the financial puzzle stop you – explore the diverse world of Ross MBA Fellowships. Dive into the details, understand the criteria, and take that leap to apply. These fellowships aren’t just about financial aid; they’re about recognizing your potential to make a lasting impact. So, seize the opportunity, discover the keys to your success, and let your MBA adventure at Ross begin!