Wedding Wishes For Friend - Funny, Advance
Most Sentimental Wedding Wishes for Friend to Remember Forever

Most Sentimental Wedding Wishes for Friend to Remember Forever

So your friend is about to make the important step of getting married? And now you are wondering what to tell him on his very special day. Wonder no more for below is a big list of all the wishes you can send your friend. They are all well thought out with someone just like you in mind. Jump in and sample.

Best Wedding Wishes For Friend

Best Wedding Wishes For Friend

1: You have made a very important decision in your life. This decision will give you joy, bliss and heaven on earth. All the best to you and your sweetheart.


2: What a wonderful culmination of love. There is no greater gift in life than finding a life partner. You will go far in life now that you have a cheer leader and a loving companion.

3: You have gotten yourself a shoulder to cry on, a confidant, a lover, a friend, a soulmate. What more could a man ask for? Good luck for the rest of your life. Congratulations!


4: From now on till death do you part, you will never be alone. You have someone to count through thick and thin. Someone who will want the best for you as well as bring out the best in you.

5: May the joy of matrimony accompany you forever. May you experience the true meaning of “two are better than one” as you soldier on in this journey called life. All the best my dear.

6: May your coming together make your life more interesting, meaningful and full of laughter. May you go to depths of love that you never thought possible.


7: I know I will not be your number one priority in life anymore. But I am ok with being number two because I know the step you have taken today means you are better loved and that love will trickle down to me.

8: Those lonely nights are now about to be history as you are going to have your other half by your side forever. What more could one ask from life after being gifted a companion who will accompany you till the end?

9: I know your hearts are pounding just for one another right now. I pray that they may forever beat with happiness and excitement for being in each other lives. Congratulations dear friend.


10 :This day we come to witness the last pieces of the puzzle placed where they belong and I love what the last piece has become. May this be the beginning of the unfolding of more amazing things in your lives.

11: You searched long and hard. To the East, to the West, North and South and at last you found what you were looking for. Your countenance tells me you got the right thing and I pray that you live to be proven right. Congratulations!

12: You look so happy right now and I wish I could trade places with you. I hope that you remain this way always and spread that cheer all around you. I have witnessed the transforming power of love work in you. All the best!

13: Think about all the love songs you know and a million more that are going to be written. May you live them over and over each day and live in the paradise they talk about. Congratulations!

14: May the love you have for each other today increase and overflow each day. May you drown in each other’s love. May you discover happiness that you never thought possible. Have a ball in your married life my friend.

Funny Wedding Wishes For Friend

Funny Wedding Wishes For Friend

15: Two are about to become one flesh. Life can only get more interesting. One thing though I ask of you when coming to meet me, please come as one so that we can continue our hilarious gossip of the opposite sex.

16: Today you are the centre of everyone’s attention. I never thought I would live to see the day when I would have to compete for your attention with everyone else. All the same, congratulations my dear friend.

17: It’s been a long time since I had free luxurious food and drinks. Today courtesy of your bold step to enter marriage I will get them without limit. Thank you and well done.

18: I plan to cease communication with my family immediately I am done with your marriage today. I am sick and tired of being compared with you and asked what I am waiting for to get married.

19: I am still wondering if I am about to see my best friend change into the most boring creature on earth or become transformed into the most charming man .Whichever way I will terribly miss the great bachelor times we had. Congratulations are in order.

20: Even as I laud you for making a step I am too scared to make, my heart weeps for you my buddy as I think about the bondage you are about to enter and what waits for you ahead. Congratulations though!

21: You know I have never been jealous of you but today I want to be different. I want you to know that I am very jealous and I am surprised I even made it to the wedding today.

22: Today as I look at you going mellow with love, I am wondering what happened to the tough cookie that has always been you. You are all crumbled now but congratulations!

23: Today I can’t believe you are the one here dancing almost to drop. Are you the same guy I have to drag up the dance floor everywhere? The one who always tells me “I am not a dancer?” .Truly love does wonders.

24: I always thought you were such a hard nut to track but today I am surprised you are shedding tears. Surely no one is too hard a nut for love to crack.

25: May you enter into marriage and be rewarded with a blissful life and a beautiful family. May a long healthy life await you. Enter with boldness my friend and enjoy all the perks marriage has to offer. Congratulations dear friend!

Advance Marriage Wishes For Best Friend

Advance Marriage Wishes For Best Friend

26 : I know you feel the jitters as you take this important step. I am however happy to tell you that this is a decision you will never regret. I have walked in those shoes and I am delighted to tell you “welcome to the happy club”

27 : It’s obvious you cannot wait to be joined together in love and you feel as if time is not moving. I cannot blame you for being so excited because admittedly you are about to enter the best phase of your life. Congratulations in advance!

28: I can see the excitement and love in both your eyes. I am so happy for you and my prayer for me is that you never let those smiles turn into smirks. May your coming together give birth to many more smiles.

29: They say building a marriage is not easy but I want to dispute it. Building a marriage is easy peasy if you are doing it with the right person. I know you are right for one another and are going to build an exemplary and lasting harmony.

30: Cast all your doubts aside. You are about to receive the best gift in life. Get ready to drink from the cup of love. Congratulations in advance.

31: I want to congratulate you in advance and let you that there are many secrets to marriage out there. I hope you make your marriage so good that we discover another secret from you. Congratulations buddy!

32: Have you searched your heart and imagined your wife to be in a life threatening situation? Have you found you would die for them? If you answered yes, you have got the right person. Jump deep inside the marriage with both legs my friends.

33: Brace yourself because your best life is about to start. Leave all your fears and insecurities at the door since here you will be served with confidence and endless love. Get in and enjoy the ride. Congrats in advance!

34: You are about to get someone to call your own. Someone at your beck and call. Someone who will be with you in the highs and lows. It’s my prayer that you always compete to outdo one another with loving gestures.

35: As you get into this bandwagon of marriage my biggest secret to succeeding is that you always seek to do good. And all your good will be paid back with good many times more. Congratulations in advance!

36: I won’t lie to you that marriage requires no work but the best thing is that it is work that has been successfully done by other people. You can do it also my friend. Congratulations.

37: Getting married is like assembling an electronic. You know exactly how the end product should look like. But you have to learn how to join each part to the other till you get it completed. It’s the same case with marriage you do it as you go along making sure you give it total attention.

38: I know you will look stunning and gorgeous in those specially made clothes for you. I wish you a fruitful marriage dear friend. Congratulations in advance!


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