52 Congratulations Wishes and Messages for New Car — Funny


Congratulations Wishes and Messages for New Car

52 Congratulations Wishes and Messages for New Car

For luxury or as a necessity, a new car automatically promotes its legitimate user to the status of a “car owner.” And because of the prestige associated with it, it isn’t out of place to send congratulations wishes and messages to the owner of a newly bought or gotten car. So, if you’re in search of unique wishes and messages exclusively for new car owners, stay put with this post and you won’t regret the time spent.

Congratulations Wishes And Messages For New Car

1: It’s simply amazing how you’ve left the inconveniences in public transport to the ease of using your car, any day, any time and to any place. For that, I say congratulations to you. Have fun, dear.

Congratulations Wishes And Messages For New Car

2: Your choice of a new ride shows how classy and regal you are. I wouldn’t have even thought of such a beauty if I were in your shoes. Congrats, friend.

3: I can’t believe that it was just last week that you vowed to get a new car. How did you do it, boo? I’m blown away! Congrats, congrats, congrats!

4: There comes a time in every girl’s life when she decides to pamper herself extravagantly to compensate for years of hard work and labor. Congratulations on the arrival of your elegant 2016 Audi A5 Cabriolet. Live your best life!

5: Words fail me to make known my excitement on the news of your new car. Not only did you surprise everyone in the family, but you have also given us a reason to up our respect for you. Congrats, kid bro!

6: You’ve been that friend who rejoices with friends in their good times and sticks with them through the bad times. It isn’t a wonder that you’re a recipient of a modern and expensive brand new car. You deserve every good gift because you’ve got a good heart. Congratulations!

7: May the joy of owning an efficient car be yours. May you make fantastic memories with your car, and never lack the resources to keep it up and running. Congratulations on your new car.

8: To an outsider, you did nothing to be gifted a new car on your 18th birthday. But to me and our parents, you are much more than the car. Your happiness is our priority. Congrats on your new Chevy, cousin.

9: I can imagine how thrilled you are on your new machine. My only wish is for this to be the first of many more exotic cars that will fill your garage. Congrats, dear friend.

10: If I danced on the news of your new car, only God knows how uncontrollable you would be seeing your dream come true. Big congratulations, darling.

11: Having saved for years to acquire new wheels, it’s safe for me to say that persistence is a basic key to glorious success. Congratulations, bro.

12: As a car owner myself, I can attest to the comfort that awaits you in your new ride. I’m really happy about this elevation and wish you more blessings in your household.

13: You are the first among us to buy a new car. We are happy as well as challenged by your focus and determination. Congratulations, dude.

14: Little by little and here we are today, celebrating the arrival of your posh car. It is a welcomed development, sis. I wouldn’t have to wait for mom to drop me off to school anymore. Congrats.

15: You are a man of strength. If not for anything, the step you took in buying a new car to your family’s relief says a great deal. I admire you a lot. Congratulations.

16: Thank you, uncle, for being a source of inspiration to me and my siblings. The arrival of your new car has made good the line that success is for the determined. Congrats!

17: Congratulations on your new car. I had waited expectantly for this day to come.

18: The coming of your car signifies increase and a new level in your life. Best wishes!

19: With joy in my heart, I celebrate with you on the purchase of your new car. I can’t wait to have a feel of its cutesy interior.

Congratulations Wishes For New Car

Congratulations Wishes For New Car

20: Your car, your pride. It is a well-deserved blessing, mom. Congratulations.

21: I have secretly admired your grit and determination towards your goals. The arrival of your fabulous car has granted me the opportunity to express my admiration for you, as well as congratulate you. I wish you more blessings for your efforts.

22: Your car is sleek and chic. What’s more, it is black with no cracks. Congratulations.

23: I had no doubt that you’ll win the first prize of a car in that lottery game you partook in. That’s because you’ve always been a child of luck. Massive congratulations, son.

24: Never overthink how you would care for and maintain your new car. It is a timely gift and God will never let it bring you shame. Congratulations.

25: Congrats, dad, on your powerful car. I am so proud of you.

26: I congratulate you on the arrival of your new car. It suits your personality perfectly.

27: You’ve never disappointed in your choice of cars. The latest of your fleet of beauties is magnificent. Congrats, nephew.

28: My family and I wish to felicitate with you on your brand new wheels. We look forward to joining you in your car-warming party anytime you are ready.

29: When I thought it was insane for you to give out your solid car, I never knew you had underground plans to purchase a wonder on four wheels. You’re an enigma, man. Congratulations!

30: The news of your new car has made my morning. I don’t know if I’ll be able to eat breakfast because I’m already full. Congratulations, honey.

31: I can’t comprehend how you succeeded in purchasing your second new car within two years. But I’m definitely coming to you for some lessons on financial freedom. Congrats on your new car.

32: A beautiful car for a classy woman. I pray you give guys a run for all they are worth. Thoroughly. Congratulations.

33: To this day, you’ve never stopped distinguishing yourself as a man of excellence. Congratulations on your elegant car. As long as you use it, may it be a source of relief and comfort for you.

34: You worked hard for this car. I am positive it will serve you usefully. Congratulations.

35: Many congratulations on your birthday gift of a Range Rover. Have fun riding and cruising around with it.

36: I have no fears that you’ll treat your new car like your lover. It sure is a befitting present for you. Congrats, daughter.

37: I always take delight in seeing you succeed. You’ve done it again, buying your 5th car. Congratulations, wifey.

38: You’re unstoppable, an achiever of a class. I celebrate you this day on the acquisition of your powerful ride.

39: I have much respect for you because you’re grounded and focused. Congratulations on your new car.

Funny Messages For Buying New Car

40: It doesn’t take a lot to be distinguished from the ordinary folks. Just get a luxury car and you’re good to go. Congratulations on your fab car, bro. I hope you pay off the debt soon. I didn’t say that, please.

Funny Messages For Buying New Car

41: Congratulations on your brand new car. Your driving lessons aren’t looking like they’ll go in waste.

42: I was drunk when I dared you to change your old car. I didn’t know you took it seriously. Congratulations, anyway.

43: Unlike you, I am a fan of low-budget cars. But that doesn’t stop me from salivating over expensive ones such as your newest. Congratulations!

44: I took a seat in your ride and drifted off to sleep. When I woke up, I thought I had been to paradise and back. Bro, your new car is a haven for the troubled soul. Congratulations.

45: I don’t care if your car is brand new or fairly used at the time of purchase. Keep the info go yourself and accept my heartfelt congratulations.

46: Congratulations on your new car. I’m glad the police are there to check your tendencies of recklessness.

47: If you know you won’t take good care of your new car, you better donate it to me. Thanks in advance.

48: My days of walking and using public transport seem to be over with the arrival of your posh car. Isn’t God wonderful?

49: At 19, you’re aren’t too young to own a car and at 60, I’m not too old to jam to songs blaring from the stereo. We’re going to party hard to celebrate.

50: Congratulations on the arrival of your highly expected ride. Get ready to take me riding.

51: Happy are those who love clean cars for their heart desires shall be met. Congratulations on your new car.

52: Life is too short to waste on jalopy cars. I’m glad you realized that in time. Congratulations on your brand new car.

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