Most Touching New Born Baby Congratulations Messages
Most Touching New Born Baby Congratulations Messages

Most Touching New Born Baby Congratulations Messages

Having a baby is a significant milestone. Receiving the bundle of joy after nine months of carrying them makes every parent beyond elated.

It feels great therefore for a parent to receive a congratulatory message upon giving birth. If you want to show a parent what great a job they have done, the best way is to send them a touching message. Let them know that having a baby is not just another normal thing.


The list below is complied with you in mind so that you can make the new parent feel special. Whether boy or girl, we have you covered. Dive in, sample, and choose the ones that best suit the new parent you want to congratulate.

Congratulations Wishes For New Born Baby Boy

Congratulations Wishes For New Born Baby Boy

1: Congratulations my dear. We thank God that both you and the baby made it from the delivery room alive and well. I wish you joy and happiness, and may your bundle of joy bring you all the joy in the world.


2: What a wonderful gift the universe has given you. What a wonderful gift you have given us as your friends. Congratulations.

3: A baby boy is a reward to the whole world. A seed that ensures the world is populated and protected. Congratulations.

4: You must be very elated by the new addition to your household. You are entitled to all the excitement in the world. Congratulations for bringing us a boy, a carbon copy of his dad.


5: Becoming a mother for the first time might be scary. I know because it was for me. This is to let you that I am at your beck and call during this transitional time. Congratulations!

6: Congratulations, pal on the birth of your baby boy. I am so proud you have made me an auntie. I am so thrilled for the baby and you and I cant wait to meet you guys. Congratulations!

7: What a day to behold. The day when we have gotten a prince in our midst. Many congrats on the birth of your bouncing baby boy.


8: Receive my congratulations for the birth of your charming baby. I trust they are as brilliant as you are. Congratulations.

9: I want to wish you blessings for you and your son. I pray for good health and a great life ahead. Have lots of fun raising him up. Congratulations.

10: What a handsome little man. But I am not surprised given the good looks of his parents. I hope he makes you proud parents. Congratulations.

11: Victory at last. What a pleasant gift after patiently trying and waiting for this long. I wish you and your expanded family the best life has to offer.

12: I want to congratulate you for the new addition to your awesome family. I am wishing you a bright future ahead. Congratulations!

13: This is for you, my dearest friend for your bouncing baby boy. I am so proud of you for deciding to do this. I thank God for enabling you to make your dream possible. Congratulations.

14: You had postponed this for so long. You weren’t sure if you wanted it or not. Now looking at you, I can confidently say you made the right decision. I love the way you adore your baby boy. I love how he makes you happy. Congratulations!

15: Congratulations for your beautiful bundle of joy. I wish you all the pleasure the bundle can bring. What a handsome prince who will be a part of our lives. Congratulations!

Congratulations Wishes For New Born Baby Girl

Congratulations Wishes For New Born Baby Girl

16: What a lucky baby girl this is. I can’t wait to tell her what great parents she has. You deserve this amazing gift. Congratulations!

17: I want to send you a million wishes of cheerfulness and heartfelt congratulations for the blessing of your sweet princess.

18: I am so happy for you my dear friend, for bringing home a small version of you. I pray she grow to be as beautiful as you are both in body and heart.

19: Thank heavens our girl group just got an addition. I cannot wait for the day when the princess will serve us tea. Congratulations you got a person to appreciate you always.

20: Get ready it’s the tea party season. I will bring them endlessly because you deserve every one of them and much more. Congratulations.

21: The wait for nine months is over. From your tummy to your hands, you have been handed the most precious gift ever invented. I wish you all the joy in the world. Congratulations!

22: Right now you may think your baby looks like all the other babies her age but in a few weeks you are going to really tell apart your baby girl. Personally, I already know the girl will look exactly like her beautiful mom. Congrats!

23: Congratulations! It’s payback time now. All the hell you gave to your mom, you are about to receive it in equal measure if not more. But there is good news at the end. You get to get a child you will forever call your own.

24: Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl. The love I feel for this small princess is so much. It will be wonderful to watch her mature, and you become a parent.

25: Receive my congratulations. I wish I could tell this little angel how lucky she is to have you as her parents. I wish you all the best and may you do an exceptional work of raising her up.

26: I am so jealous, and I was wondering how I can share in the joy you have. Then I got an idea. I will be the baby sitter any time the little angel won’t sleep and since that is going to be often I will be by her side all the time.

27: This baby girl is actually a gift from heaven and the most beautiful one at that. I haven’t seen a girl so beautiful, and I can’t wait to see how more beautiful she grows up to be. Congratulations for giving us an angel!

28: Brace yourself for the sleepless nights that will make you groggy and irritable. At the same time, you are going to have such joy every day just watching your baby girl grow day by day. Congratulations on the birth of your princess!

Funny New Born Baby Congratulations Messages

Funny New Born Baby Congratulations Messages

29: When I came to pick you from hospital, I couldn’t tell how you distinguished your baby from the one or the next bed. Are you even sure you brought the right child home? Anyway, I trust your intelligence, and above all, your baby is so beautiful I don’t care if you picked the wrong one. Congratulations.

30: I know you are learning everything the hard way. This thing won’t talk, and the only way it communicates is by shrieking. This thing you are wondering how to hold and why it cries all the time will one day become a beautiful being that will make you a proud parent. Congratulations.

31: Congratulations for the newborn baby. Now go to the mirror and give yourself a good look. Then go back to your baby and remember they will grow up and become as big and amazing as you.

32: We might tell you this is a bundle of joy. But for the first few months, it will be a bundle causing you sleepless nights. Anyway, this shouldn’t dampen your spirits since you treated your parents the same but they are now proud of you. Congratulations.

33: At times you will need the baby more than they need you. When your breasts ache with milk and your baby is far away and doesn’t know the agony you are going through, that will be the one time you will know you need her more. Congratulations.

34: Women pull such a feat to bring new angels to this world. I want to take this chance and thank God that I am not a woman and to congratulate you for being a woman and going through all that it takes to receive your beautiful gift. Congratulations.

35: I will come here over and over to congratulate this sperm that beat all the other millions to emerge the winner. I hope that even in this world she is going to remain a winner as well. Congratulations for being her parents.

36: The secret is out, and it’s now obvious what you did behind closed doors. This amazing bundle of joy is evidence enough. Congratulations for using your marriage as you should.

37: Hope no one has told you parenting is a hard journey. It’s quite easy. As easy as doing cartwheels, fighting a lion, and doing the death drop. Congratulations!

38: You just got yourself a walking mirror. They will grow up to look exactly like you. If I were you, I would start reinventing myself only that it’s too late.

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