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Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Your Son

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Your Son

Is your son 1? 10? 30 or even 50? No matter how young, grown up or young he is, your son will always remain the darling of your heart. With his birthday already here, it is expedient that you churn out one or two birthday wishes for your sweet son. And if you’re too overwhelmed with excitement to make out coherent sentences in that regard, you need not be worked up because we’ve got you covered with these birthday wishes for your son below.
Remain the fantastic parent you are!

Birthday Wishes For Your Son

Birthday Wishes For Your Son

1: Yesterday, you were round and cuddly, never letting go of my fingers. Today, you are tall and lanky, always looking for ways to make me happy. Tomorrow and until the end of my lifetime, your place as my beloved son can’t be taken away from you. Happy birthday.


2: Son, I am blessed to be your father. In fact, let me state emphatically that fathering you has been the best gift God has ever given to me. On the occasion of your birthday today, I wish you an increase and favor as you age gracefully.

3: For the privilege to nurse you, for the times you confided in me, for the love you show to me and your siblings, and for being an amazing uncle to your nieces and nephews, I say thank you. Happy birthday, dearest.


4: Diamonds and all the treasures of the sea put together, cannot buy the love I have for you. Happy birthday, my son.

5: Happy birthday, handsome. You are an angel sent from above to me. At the time when I thought all hope was lost for me in child-bearing, you announced your majestic presence and my life hasn’t been the same afterward. I will forever cherish you.

6: You are not just my son but also my business partner. Your savviness in matters of planning, administration, and organization is second to none. As you celebrate your thirtieth birthday today, may all your valid dreams come true. Have fun.


7: Life is filled with opportunities for love and friendship. I am glad that I didn’t miss mine with you. I love you, son. Happy birthday.

8: My dearest son, when you are happy, I am overjoyed. Your sadness ruins my day. Your success adds meaning to my existence. As long as I am your mother, anything that touches you affects me. Happy birthday.  

9: It will be beyond the understanding of any who hasn’t tasted the love of a son to comprehend all that you mean to me. From the deepest part of my soul, I love you. Happy birthday.


10: You are my son, my only son whom I delight in. Regardless of our differences and misunderstandings, I can find no other better son than you. Happy birthday; live long and prosper.

11: Happy birthday, pup. Many days have gone by, yet I haven’t been able to go a day without thinking of you. Though the distance between us is far, you are closer to my heart than ever. May your new age bring out a better you in all ramifications of your life.

12: What wonder, what joy that the loving company of a son brings to his mother! It is as refreshing as water on a sunny day and reinvigorating as a medicinal potion for youthfulness. Your new age changes nothing about you in my life.

13: Happy birthday, dear son. You took after your mom in facial loveliness and possess the indomitable spirit that made me your dad. It is pure pleasure watching you grow into a responsible young man.

14: Big boy, you are my miracle in human flesh. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Happy birthday.

15: I believe in your dreams; you were born to win. Happy birthday, son.

16: Happy first birthday, honey. I never knew how lucky I was until I gave birth to you. It is already one year after I first set my eyes on you and I am still glad you are my son.

17: The billion stars in the night sky cannot equate with the amount of radiance you bring into our lives. Simply put, you are your own parents’ starlight. Happy birthday, son.

18: I have never had any reason to regret birthing you. In contrast, I have more than a thousand reasons to count myself blessed for being your mother. Happy birthday, my darling son.

19: Wonderful birthday, stallion heart. You are going but mentally alert beyond your chronological age. I celebrate you every day.

20: Happy birthday, baby. May your coasts be enlarged and your barns be filled with plenty.

21: Son, on your birthday today, I pray that the good Lord exalt you mightily, and may many be amazed by the blessings He will shower your life with.

22: The years gradually became tens of years, and suddenly, we are here celebrating your fortieth birthday. You are a super father to your kids and the best son any parent can ask for. Happy birthday.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Your Son

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Your Son

23: You have a pure heart, and that is the sole reason why you are much loved by anyone who comes in contact with you. Happy birthday, son.

24: It is your time to shine, dear. Your birthday today shall mark the beginning of endless possibilities for you. Happy birthday.24:

25: The best of the land is your portion, son. Men from all walks of life shall favor you and call you blessed. Happy birthday.

26: Happy birthday, my love. The Lord who has made you a happy boy will always have you clothed in joy all the days of your life.

27: Handsome, upon your head has been set a crown of greatness. You shall be distinguished from your peers and admired by many. Happy birthday.

28: Of a truth, you never stop stunning me with your tenderness. At times, I do wonder who you took after. Happy birthday, son.

29: The Lord is a mighty warrior to you. He will prosper you in all your ways and give you a name in the land he has given you. Go and excel, my son. Happy birthday.

30: Happy birthday, sweetheart. I wish you a brand new beginning for greater exploits. Take charge!

31: Never shall you be sorrowful; only goodness and mercy shall you inherit. The blessings of the Lord upon your life shall be too plentiful to be stored in just one room. Happy birthday, my first fruit.

32: Happy birthday, angel. I hope you will face your fear to conquer every mountain you will encounter on your way up. Above all, remember that I have got your back always.

33: Super-duper birthday, the son after my heart. I wish above all things that you be prosperous and be in good health even as your soul prospers. It isn’t just my wish, but also God’s.

34: May the peace of our God rest upon your heart as you clock twenty today. May all the good things He will do for you in this season bring lovely smiles to your face.

35: You are growing in mind as rapidly as you are increasing in height. Needless to say, I am proud of your laudable achievements within these short years of your life. Happy birthday, sonny boy.

36: I woke up this morning to the tender pattering of your feet as you made your way to my room. It has been our ritual, starting each new day in a warm embrace. You are already two years old and I am here wishing that you don’t grow up too quickly to leave me behind. I love you with my life, son. Happy birthday.

37: My honorable son, I take great delight in closely observing your progress through life and it’s harsh realities. Certainly, you’ve proven time and again that you are a warrior. May your new age today add more shine to your glossy personality.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Your Son

Funny Birthday Wishes For Your Son

38: Happy birthday, son. You are a year older, wiser and more handsome. Only you can tell if you are a year richer.

39: Happy birthday, dearie. When I count my blessings, I count you twice. When I take stock of the food in my pantry, I don’t fail to asterisk your name twice in my black book for future references.

40: Happy birthday, son. It is in vain buying you gifts to celebrate your birthday because you end up giving them out to the needy. You should apply for the post of a deputy Santa Claus next Christmas season.

41: I try as much as I can to keep you on a diet. But the more I try, the fatter you become. I love you all the same, boy. Happy birthday.

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