45 Funny Get Well Soon Messages and Wishes — Colleague, Loved Ones
45 Funny Get Well Soon Messages and Wishes

45 Funny Get Well Soon Messages and Wishes

When someone we care about is battling with a health issue, our first reaction is usually that of concern and the desire to make them feel better. Thus, we write them Get Well Soon Messages to convey to them our thoughtful wishes for their recovery.

But how about spinning the message a bit by adding a touch of humor to it? Not only would lighthearted humor liven the spirit, but it also goes a long way in giving the sick hope that all would be well. The Funny Get Well Soon Messages and Wishes below will kick your comical side to life. Don’t forget empathy while you are at it.


Funny Get Well Soon Messages for a Colleague

Funny Get Well Soon Messages for a Colleague

1. You’re too busy doing business that you forgot that your poor body needed some rest. Get well and kinder, buddy. 

2. If not that I knew you had been to the hospital, I would think you’re pranking us. You don’t look sick but sleek. Hope you believe my white lie. Get well soon.

3. Did you catch the flu or missed your flow? Both have similar symptoms but different attention needs. Your answer notwithstanding, get well soon, dear.

4. I’m not angry that you are sick and away. I’m angry because I miss your delicious cookies; nothing tastes like them. Please, get well soon and be back for my appetite’s sake.

5. Missing your bubbly spirit like Aladdin would miss genie. I pray for you to get well soon. Hope my wish is granted. 

6. I don’t know why I’m sending you a get well soon message at this hour. But I’d be glad if I succeeded in ruining your sick date. Come back to the office fast.

7. I hope you gain an extra pound or two before resuming work. That’s to make up for the times I cleared your table of the huge paperwork you should have done. To even think my mushy heart fell helplessly again for your excuse of being sick, you sly fox. 

8. Of all the people I expected to take a sick leave, yours came as a surprise to me. I mean, how can witless sickness touch a strong, competent, and courageous person like you?

9. I’ve told you before, and I’m telling you again: come off that sickness. You’re bigger than it. 

10. So you have the doctor’s prescription and asked me to stay strong for you. Did you think of my feelings before falling ill? Get well first and we’ll talk about that.

11. My mom has been pretty worried about you. Kindly get well soon; I can’t deal with having another hospitalized patient to bring flowers to.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages 

Funny Get Well Soon Messages

12. The thought of you stretched out on a hospital bed tickles my sides. I wonder how the poor nurses are coping with your running mouth. Speedy recovery.

13. Everybody here is praying for your quick recovery. Be a good child and get well fast.

14. I haven’t met a more irritable fellow like you anytime you’re down with a toothache. I feel like punching that pain off your mouth so that you’d be free once and for all. Gosh!

15. Get well soon, sis. A lot of fun stuff is going on and I hate to be the saint to stay home to look after you.

16. I can’t be tired of praying for your healing as long as you promise to buy me dinner the night after you recover.

17. Can you still remember how yummy a coconut Bundt cake tastes? I bet you’re already craving some. Get well speedily; I’m sure to order one for you.

18. The longer you are in the hospital, the more familiar your cat grows with me. Stay sick at the risk of losing your best companion in the whole wide world. 

19. I don’t know about you but I am bored with no one to FaceTime and poke fun at. I’m sorry for all the times I called you sick head. I guess it’s all looking true.

20. I’m happy they are sedating you in the hospital. It’s your reward for staying up to binge-watch movies and sleeping only three hours those nights. I strongly bet you’ll be discharged as a repentant movie buff. 

21. Do you realize that you’ve been gone for five days and that I’ve been missing your mischief like air? Get well soon and return before I die.

22. Why are you acting all surprised as if you aren’t aware that your workaholic nature could someday land you in the hospital? I wish you a speedy recovery but I’m not sorry for you.

Funny Get Well Soon Wishes

Funny Get Well Soon Wishes

23. There are so many things to tell you in one message. But I’d rather wish you to get well soon than express my amorous feelings to a man under the influence of drugs.

24. Even if there exists a healing potion that takes care of all the sicknesses in the world, it won’t prevent us from falling ill. That’s why you should stay healthy rather than to be sickly. Hope you’ll take my silly advice to heart once you come out of this sickness.

25. The great thing about your ill-health is that it didn’t affect your appetite for food, which is a sign that you’ll soon bounce back to health.

26. Make the most use of this opportunity to rest because once you recover, you’ll come home, it’s work, work, work all the way.

27. Until now, I didn’t quite value your presence as my roommate. It’s funny how it took your being sick to reveal how quiet the room could be without your endless snores. I miss you though; get well soon.

28. I don’t like it when the kids bug me about you. You know how tough I claim to be; now, their genuine concerns are tearing me up like a wimp. Get well soon and end this, please!

29. Who would believe that your ever-dependable bicycle could throw you into the sidewalk one rainy day? Nothing on earth should be trusted, finally. Get well soon, bro.

30. In my honest opinion, you should never fall sick again. You look like the Grinch’s second cousin right now.

31. Since you’d be sick in November, you should have told me two months earlier to save up enough pity and sorry against this period. I’m only left with a mere get well soon wish for you.

32. Don’t worry about the food and drinks you left in the fridge. They would be taken good care of. Just focus on recovering fast.

33. I like it when you’re sick and cool as if you can’t hurt a fly. I only wish you’d remain that way long after you’ve fully recovered. (Wild fantasies everywhere)

Funny Get Well Wishes for Loved Ones

Funny Get Well Wishes for Loved Ones

34. I reckon that your health and well-being haven’t been top on your list since the year began. How fast do you think you would recover from your sore throat, if you keep requesting for chilled chocolate bars every damn night?

35. If you succeed in shedding some of your body weight before you get well, I will be the happiest person you can imagine. Speedy recovery with great weight results!

36. I love you enough not to let sickness lay its filthy hand on you again. Get well soon.

37. I’m willing to cook for you every day for two weeks, if you promise me you would be strong by tomorrow. Hurry while the offer lasts. 

38. I apologise for the times I made you feel blue. From now onwards, I would be your source of happiness and cheer. Forgive me and get well soon.

39. Why does my heart tell me that you’re not as sick as you want me to believe? Better get well fast lest I ruin your rest by inviting the doctor.

40. It’s raining outside but without an umbrella, I can’t leave home. Why take our umbrella to the hospital? Kindly recover quickly and return the communal property.

41. Drink water first thing in the morning, eat fruits and vegetables daily, and you won’t be bothered by indigestion. I will frame this precious quote to hang on your doorpost for neighbors to learn from your mistake. First, get well soon.

42. I like how you restrain yourself from screaming out when you’re being injected. I must confess that you’re my new superhero. Speedy recovery.

43. I sat in a hospital ward for hours and forgot that it’s a grim place because your crazy bone wasn’t fractured in the accident. I laughed and cried at your hilarious jokes. Get well soon, sweet.

44. I’ve always believed in your will of steel. So, I’m positive you’d get through this successfully. What a time to have diarrhea!

45. Thanks for calling me first before heading to the hospital. You saved me from the trauma of appearing on National TV wailing over a missing loved one. Get well soon, dearest.

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