Romantic Good Morning Paragraphs For Your Crush — Long & Cute
Romantic Good Morning Paragraphs For Your Crush

Romantic Good Morning Paragraphs For Your Crush


Having a crush on someone is synonymous with having Paradise within sight yet requires a million miles to reach. Whether your crush knows of your helpless attraction to them or not, it shouldn’t stop you from pouring your heart out to them with any opportunity that presents itself.


Speaking of opportunities, everyone cherishes a warm good morning message. It has the power to make the day more bright and hopeful. So, there comes your chance to show your crush that you aren’t joking with your feelings for them. How else can you prove yourself every morning but through the good morning paragraphs below?

Long Good Morning Paragraphs For Your Crush

1: If I take stock of the number of times I think of you in dollars, I would be unarguably, a multimillionaire of great repute. That says a lot by itself, of how much you mean to me. I am not telling you so that you’ll feel burdened; I do so because I want you to know that I love you. Good morning.

Long Good Morning Paragraphs For Your Crush

2: You don’t see me appear in your room, the unseen angel that lulls you sleep. My duty is to ensure that you have a sound night, free from discomfort and nightmares. Oh! Don’t thank me, dear; thank God who gave me the privilege to serve you.

3: What are your wishes for today, honey? Make them known and plainly written out. Mail them to me, and be rest assured that genie right here will grant them all to you. In addition to your wishes, I know you’ll experience peace of mind and joy overflow. Testimonies shall well up in your heart and will be spoken of by you. I look forward to hearing in details, how your great day went.

4: The fragrance from your cologne excites a thousand and one nerve cells in me. So much so that I feel like eating you up. Now that I have told you, I am thinking you’re going to launch a tempest of temptations on me with your sexy-smelling self. Bring it on, dude!

5: Chatting with you for the first time was a dream come true. For months, I had watched you from a distance and desired to have you talk with me. Finally, it happened, and that marked the beginning of many other wonderful chats with you. I pray that your morning be filled with thoughts of me.

6: Seriously, the best thing that has ever happened to me is developing feelings for you. It has made me realize how important love is for the world to be a beautiful place. Also, I cherish your friendship a lot. It has brought nothing but pure joy and security to me. I pray you have a lovely day.

7: Composing songs about you is the medicine that cures me anytime I miss you. You’re welcome to hear it anytime. Only promise me that you won’t laugh too much at some of the lines. Meanwhile, walk to your window, and take a look outside and up. You’ll see the blue and white clouds bursting with life from the rays of the sun. They reflect my wish for a beautiful day for you.

8: I vote you the cutest, most incredible lady my eyes have ever behold. When God made you, he chose to add more to you of the spices that will set you apart from the average beauties. I can’t get struck enough by your elegance and poise, my lady. All I need to be happy today is your happiness. Good morning.

Short Good Morning Paragraphs For Your Crush

Short Good Morning Paragraphs For Your Crush

9: Every time the day breaks and the birds spring to life, I skip out of my bed with great anticipation of seeing you again. I don’t get tired of that routine. Good morning.

10: I don’t listen to my head but to my heart. While my head tells me that I should hide my feelings for you, my heart pushes me to declare openly that I am crazy about you. Have a beautiful morning.

11: There is no word strong enough to express how highly I esteem you. I look up to you for the inspiration to live the best of my life This morning, I hope my good morning message will make a meaningful difference in the rest of your day.

12: Your smiles can set a king’s royal apparel ablaze and cause his throne to look like a pauper’s treasure. By implication, the power in your smiles is uncontainable, indestructible, and transformational. Good morning.


13: My prayers for you this day is for your all-round success, one that will bring joy to you. Good morning.

14: In all you do today, stay reminded that there is someone out there who is rooting for your success. That person is me. Take charge, champion!

15: The blessing of having you as my friend lies in the joy I get from your company. I look forward to sitting beside you today. Good morning.

16: You are my sweetheart, my fantasy yet the reality of my imagination. I wish not to lose you to the passing years, and earnestly pray that one day, we will be together as one. Good morning.

Cute Good Morning Paragraphs For Your Crush

17: I thank God who made our paths cross in this time of our lives. Even though we are not as close as I yearn for, I am grateful for your friendship. Good morning, angel.

Cute Good Morning Paragraphs For Your Crush

18: Hello, beauty. I hope you received the gift I sent to you last night, through the brightness of the moon and stars. I have already spoken to the sun to bring along its radiance as it lights your day this morning. Good morning.

19: Has anyone ever told you that you are the most handsome man in the entire neighborhood? If no, I take the pleasure to be the first to tell you that. Sweet day, handsome.

20: I may not know what you think of me but I have great thoughts about you. Everyday, every time. Another thing is this: I am not good at making promises that I can’t keep. Therefore, when I promise that you have my undying devotion, then, you’ve got to take my word for it. Good morning!

21: There is no arguing that you are designed to be the best in the whole wide world. Walk with that mindset through today, and you will never be a loser in any way. Good morning.

22: If you ever have a bad day today, don’t worry about how you’ll get through it because I’m here to listen and cheer you up. Morning, sunshine.

23: The only way I can stop writing to you is if I lose my sight, become paralyzed, and get my memory completely wiped of you. It’s impossible, anyway. Love and kisses.

24: I have always pictured you as the brain behind my smiles, the engine behind my laughter, my super anchor in life’s turmoil. Sincerely, I don’t know what I would have done if you weren’t born. Good morning, honey.

25: I pledge to you with all my heart, to be loyal and faithful, never getting on your way to success, but cheering you on to attain greater heights. So, help me, God. Good morning, dear.

26: To the perfect person reading this: I not ashamed to voice out my admiration for you. Maybe it seems too obvious, but if I am able to convince you that you are the woman of my dreams, I have achieved a worthy goal. I wish you a day as beautiful as you are. Good morning.

Sweet Good Morning Paragraphs For Your Crush

Sweet Good Morning Paragraphs For Your Crush

27: Sharing a cup of coffee with you will make my day; walking side by side with you down the park will beautify my day; locking my lips with yours will blow my day away. I do hope that one of them happens someday. Good morning, darling.

28: Will you be surprised if I told you that I slept with thoughts of you in my mind, and woke up still thinking of you? I bet you aren’t in the least way surprised because you know I am crushing on you. Good morning, pretty.

29: My friends think I’m out of my mind to be attracted to you. They are not wrong though, considering that they don’t know how and why it happened. Maybe, you’ll help me out with some explanations. Good morning.

30: I am a boy to my parents. But I think my feelings for you have made me older and ready to be your man. I am here for you, anytime you are ready. Meanwhile, have an enjoyable day.

31: I wake up every morning for you. I bathe for you. I get dressed for you. I use my phone for you. I step out of the house for you. I live through the day for you. You are the reason for me. Good morning.


Written by Antonio Webb

Dreamer, thinker and writer who is still exploring the nuances of being a human in this world. When not writing or sleeping I keep myself busy in the aromas of the ingredients that I like to cook up for a delicious meal.