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Love And Trust Messages For Long Distance Relationship

Making a long-distance relationship work takes more than affection and trust. Above everything else, it demands bullet-proof consistency and openness as far as communication goes. If you are new to this dreaded dating scene, don’t worry, our sample messages below will help you keep your relationship alive and active.

Otherwise, if you have been in such a relationship for some time, we hope to offer new tips and ideas to keep the flame burning. Here we go!


Love And Trust Messages for Long Distance Relationship

1. Distance can make relationships hard, but I want to promise you that nothing could ever weaken my love for you. Thank you for sticking with me all this time. I love you.

Love And Trust Messages for Long Distance Relationship

2. Being with you makes me feel alive and loved. There’s no doubt you are my life companion. I long to see you again, and despite the physical distance between us, I know our hearts are close to each other.


3. Even if we are miles apart, you are always in my heart and on my mind. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and many others. I can’t wait to sink into your arms and give you the tightest hug ever. I miss you.

4. Thinking about you leaves me with a pang of hunger that only you can fill. Regardless, I take heart in knowing we will reunite soon. Nothing could ever come between the love we have. Have a lovely week ahead.

5. My love, I want to reassure you that you don’t have to worry about me. My feelings for you will never fade away, and I know we will get through this season. Love brought us together, and love will keep us till the end.


6. The hardest part of my day is waking up not to find you next to me. It’s also hard not being able to see you all the time like I used to. Deep inside, I am strong and weak at the same time. The only thing keeping me going is knowing this phase won’t last forever.

7. Thank you for trusting me despite the distance between us. This period has taught me how to be patient and staying hopeful in difficult times. I pray we will never fall apart because we make such a lovely team.

8. One of the amazing things about what we have is that you can feel so far yet so close at the same time. I hope our love will be strong enough to resist anything that comes our way.


9. Each day spent away from you is an extra tear shed, but it does make the heart grow fonder. I’m excited to see you again. But in the meantime, I have you in my thoughts and prayers.

10. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I cherish every moment we spent together, and I look forward to making more memories with you. I love you!

Romantic Messages For Long Distance Relationship

1. Being called yours is a dream come true. You are the most caring and easy-to-love person in the whole world. I would do anything to meet you sooner. Time is all we have and don’t, so let’s make the most of what we have. I love you.

Romantic Messages For Long Distance Relationship

2. I promise to try and make up for all the lost time and make you the happiest woman ever. I can’t stop thinking about you and all the plans we have. Life without you would be hopeless but thank God you’re here.

3. Everyone else thinks you are away, but I know you are right inside my heart. Distance would never affect the bond we have. I hope to grow old with you and experience every bit of life with you.

4. At night, I blow kisses in the air, hoping they get to your big heart. When I look at the sun, I see your precious smile that lights up my world. If telepathy existed, I’d be talking to you every time.

5. I will adore you with every ounce of me until we meet again. Living without you made me realize how much impact you have on me and how precious you are. I miss you, my darling.

6. Calls and texts are good, but nothing could ever replace the feeling of being with you physically. I miss cuddling and taking naps with you. I long to spend every minute of my life with you. I love you.

7. I miss your touch, your laughter, your invaluable advice, and your wise critic. I found a phenomenal friend and partner in you, and it’s no doubt I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

8. I’m happy to see our relationship standing the test of time. You have constantly proven that you love me wholeheartedly despite the distance between us. Thank you for everything, my love.

9. The only thing that can take your place in my heart is food. I’m kidding! You are all I need in life, and so I will wait for you. When you get back, we will settle down and live our happily ever after story.

10. I think about the good times and bad, reminiscing everything we had before you left. I’m happy to know that someone thousands of miles away cares and prays for me. I love you.

Long-distance Relationship Messages For Her

1. Minutes pass into hours, hours into days, and days into weeks, but my love for you keeps growing fiercely. Being away from each other has proved that we can still stay happily in love. I love you, wifey.

Long-distance Relationship Messages For Her

2. Keep building yourself, darling. When I get back home, we will have a lot of work and many ideas to share. No one knows about the future, but we do hope to get a beautiful one.

3. All my life, I have never met someone so divine, focused, and loving like you. The distance between us is only temporary. When we get back together, we will remember these lonely days and enjoy the fruits of our endurance.

4. My heart beats for the most beautiful woman alive. Even from miles away, you are still my light at the end of the tunnel. I promise to be the man you need. I miss you every day.

5. Forget the lonely nights and quiet mornings. I will be with you soon, and we can goof around all we want. The best days are yet to come. Let’s hold steadfast, this love that fuels our union.

6. I can’t wait to look at you in the eyes and whisper those three words to you before kissing you passionately. I am in awe of the people we have become, and I hope to see better days with you.

7. I know you are away to achieve your dreams, and I pray that all your goals align with mine. Your success is my success, and I’m ready to do whatever it takes to see you smile for the rest of your life.

8. My love, being away from you doesn’t change what I feel for you. Nothing could measure the love I have for you. I’m hoping to see you soon.

9. The distance between us hasn’t affected me much because what counts is that we both love each other. Learning how to show each other affection during this period has been fun for me, but nothing compares to physical connection.

10. Dear future wife, I can’t bear living without you anymore. I’m planning to visit you soon. But before then, always remember that I love you with everything I have. Always and forever.

Long-distance Relationship Messages For Him

1. My king, thanks for being part of my journey. Though we are miles apart, I’m happy knowing we will meet soon. You are the only person who knows me for what I am but still loves me unconditionally.

Long-distance Relationship Messages For Him

2. No matter what comes our way or how much distance gets between us, I will always find my way back to you. Home is wherever you are, my love.

3. My heart may miss you every day, but my mind is strong enough to remain patient and hopeful. My love for you surpasses the distance between us. I’m always going to be here for you.

4. Dear husband, I can’t possibly put into words how much I miss you. With each passing dawn, something reminds me of you. I pray that we will reunite soon and live the rest of our lives together.

5. To my man and superhero, I think about you every time. At first, it was easy, but it’s slowly becoming unbearable. How do you manage to keep yourself together? Come back home and get some good loving from your wife.

6. Being far away from you could never change what I feel for you. I miss you with all that is in me, and nothing could ever measure the happiness you bring. I long for your touch, kiss, and company.

7. I envy the sun and moon because they get to see you every day. I wish I could sleep next to you every night and crawl up next to your warm body. My heart beats for you. I love you so much, my prince.

8. Letting you travel was not an easy decision, but I chose to make this sacrifice if it meant seeing you happier. I’ll be delighted to see you in person. I take you with me wherever I go.

9. As long as we breathe the same air and share the same moon, I will not be sad about anything. The distance between us has taught me to love you deeper and crave your whole being. I miss you more each day.

10. Though we are miles apart, hearing your voice touches my soul and affirms my emotions. I am hopeful for the future. Stay safe, my love.


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