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Valentine Messages For Girlfriend

Cute Ways To Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine Over Text


Valentine Messages for Girlfriend Long Distance: Could distance love be real? Absolutely, it could. But it should be maintained by unconditional love and communication. Sometimes, distance is inevitable especially if the occupation or education purpose is the reason for the separation. To that effect, there is a need for communication through calls and text to keep the relationship healthy and strong.


Valentine’s Day is here. A special day for lovers who have special feelings for each other to exchange love pleasantries. Another sweet moment for love birds and the atmosphere is dawning already. Think of it, my special person is far away from me today, and the only way I can make him or her feel loved is by sending heartfelt romantic Valentine’s messages. It’s a very lovely thing to do. When the message is missing, it seems as though the person’s life lacks something important, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile, any distance relationship without texts and calls tends to fade in a jiffy. Given below are ten Valentine’s messages you can send to your lover to help boost the relationship. Select any to keep the love in place despite the distance.

Valentine Messages For Girlfriend Long Distance

I know you love her and you want her to feel your love despite the distance. Below are 10 sweet and sincere Valentine’s Day wishes, messages, and cards for your special girl who is at a long distance.

Valentine Messages For Girlfriend Long Distance

1. My girl, what I have for you is real, it’s beyond penned words. In fact, my explanation can’t define it. It’s just pure love and I haven’t regretted every beat of it. Despite the distance, you still remain that special person in my life. Even if we were farther from each other, I still feel like your presence is here, especially on this special. Happy Valentine’s Day my queen.

2. The more I feel you, the more the love I have for you grows like trees. My cupcake, the love I have for you makes it feels like distance is not a barrier. I can feel you close despite the thousands of kilometers away you are. My eyes have beheld many girls but no one can ever replace you in my heart, my love. Let’s enjoy the Val to the fullest. I love you.

3. My emotions find no abode in your absence, they are attached to my heart desire which you are. Situations have separated us but pure love still keeps us together. Forever in love with you Cup Cake. Hoping to spend this Valentine’s Day with you.

4. Baby, any moment I close my eyes with the feeling that you are absent, I feel uncomfortable. I can’t fight it. We separated for a purpose but love is still igniting us together. Every morning reminds me we are not close. I just can’t wait to see my Special Pearl. Happy Valentine’s Day.

5. I always feel empty when we are not together. Seeing others together makes it worse. But no this, you have brought so much light and greatness to my life to the extent that I can not compare their love with ours. As far as our love is mutual, I wouldn’t mind loving you all the rest of my life. Happy Lovers Day Love.

6. You might ask me, what is on my mind on this special day? Well, let me answer the Angel of my life. Being with you on this special day is what my heart longs for. I have missed you on several occasions but I can’t bear the pain of spending my Valentine’s Day without you. Kisses.

7. Happy Valentine’s Day to whom my heart beats for. You never can tell how my love life has been miserable without you My Darling. I miss every bit of your care and love. Can we fix it in this Val? I know we can. Come around baby, I am waiting.

8. Your space in my bed is the only vacant place where you might be found wanting. But in my heart, you are always there 24/7. Can’t imagine my life without you. Come and give it to me baby girl, I miss you, honey. Happy Val.

9. I have never loved a girl the way I love you. To the extent that even in your absence, my love for you keeps rising like the morning sun. Why all the love? Cox, you are my beauty and my everything. A day without you seemz like a holiday in my heart. Happy Valentine.

10. My space is taken. No vacancy for any other girl. After several tests, I found out that you are more than qualified to be my Valentine. I love you from the innermost part of my heart. Still expecting you. It’s Valentine’s Day filled with love and care. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Long Romantic Valentine’s Message For Her

Love is a beautiful thing when romantic messages are attached to it. Check out below to select messages that will make her feel loved on Valentine’s Day.

1. I love you, baby. I can’t fathom it. Every season of love reminds me of how good you have made my life become. My veins have felt the better part of the love you have shown me. I can’t even weigh it because it’s too heavy. 1+1 is 2 but with you in my life, 1+1 is zero. Zero pain, zero worries. I love you. Happy Lover’s Day. Sending love from me to you.

Long Romantic Valentine's Message For Her

2. If I am allowed to tell you a word on this special day, I wish to choose the word “Best”. This is because your presence in my life has been filled with the best moments. Despite everything, our love booms like fire which can not be extinguished. My only love♥, I can’t explain what I did to deserve a beauty like you as my girlfriend. You deserve my world baby girl. Happy Val.

3. On this Valentine’s Day my angel, I want to remind you that I love you so much. This is the right time to stand still and nothing else matters besides the love we share. Being in a room filled with romantic moments is what I feel right now.

4. You know what! You’re my Priceless Jewel. I’m so thankful I’ve found an angel in disguise. Kisses girl.

5. If I am allowed to tell you a word on this special day, I wish to choose the word “Best”. This is because your presence in my life has been filled with the best moments. Despite everything, our love booms like fire which can not be extinguished. My only love♥, I can’t explain what I did to deserve a beauty like you as my girlfriend. You deserve my world baby girl. Happy Val.

6. You make my life beautiful. All the days we have been together, you created a special vacuum that only you can feel. You make every Valentine’s Day special because it always gives me sweet memories of you Darling. All I want to do is look at your elegant physique and kiss your sweet lips. Thank you to the girl who came to my life and has added so much blessing to my life. For being with me through all these years, you will never regret accepting me as your man. Happy Valentine’s Day, My Eternal.


7. Your eyes twinkle like the stars, your hair dribbles like a waterfall, and your lips are more beautiful than a hibiscus flower. I promised myself never to fall in love with any other girl; your qualitative personality gave me the feeling I have missed in my entire life. In fact, your beauty, charm, and grace enraptured me. I’m overwhelmed with feelings of affection anytime I look at your pretty face. Happy Valentine’s Day Heart Beat.

8. My world is for you coz you deserve it. You have shown me so much affection to the extent I come to reason how my life would have been without you. Since you came into my life every part of you screams “perfect”, and I will never have enough of you. You know what! I have never thought that I’ll be this lucky to meet you. I’m thrilled I found you. I appreciate you for making me feel complete, baby. Common baby, let’s make this Valentine’s Day memorable. I. Love you, big time.

9. Honey, your love for me has healed my headache, relieved my pain, and has been a handful of blessings in my life. All I desire is to have you around me at any given moment. A moment without you is like a day without wind. I can’t stay without you, my sweetheart. You are the reason my days are filled with laughter. Having you has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. My Queen, may this February 14th be the onset of our everlasting affection.

10. At times my heart skips at a glance at you. I can’t even control the beat. Your love has fulfilled this Scripture which says “where your treasure is, there will be your heart also. My sweet love, my heart is always on your side because you have been my treasure. I can’t sell you for a dime coz I can not replace you. Hear me! I don’t want to frighten you, but I want to be with you all the days of my life. I want to wake up every morning with you by my side. I want our kids to have your beautiful physique and loving heart. Happy Valentine’s Day, baby. You are my Whole Lot.

11. Since your existence in my life, a fairytale that I’m living has been created by the love that you have showered me with. Flowers wither, consumables perish, the old die, the weak slumps but our love has been heaven on earth. I bless the day I met you, baby. My being with you has taught me a lot of things which is making it more fascinating to have you in my life forever. Spot on! Going on a journey in search of your love will take decades cox you are just one in the whole world. Baby, my duty is to take care of you till the end of time and I will do it to the fullest. Happy Valentine’s Day, love.

12. This valentine’s Day always reminds me of how attractive you are when I look at your smiling face. Maybe you were created on the first day cox I can’t wrap it up how a human could be endowed with so many positive attributes. You are my best gift ever my Darling. How time flies, I was lost before I met you. You make me feel like you are my Paradise, and this is only my priority. At this moment, I can say that I am a happy man cox I have a dazzling angel like you in my life. More 14th February to celebrate with affection. May this Day be filled with excessive laughter.

Emotional Valentine’s Messages For Girlfriend

Valentine messages are a sweet thing. When you send an emotional message, it passes shades of love to your girlfriend.

It’s the 14th of February, I know you want her to feel loved. Then, browse down to select anyone you like. Wishing you guys a lovely day like February 14th.

Emotional Valentine's Messages For Girlfriend

1. My Everything, my life is incomplete in your absence. I asked God to give me a girlfriend who will love me but He gave me a wonderful sweetheart who derives joy in treating me like a King. Baby love, if your heart was a community, I would like to be the king. Loving you forever. Happy Val.

2. Listen, my Number One, Love is a beautiful feeling. I found out the day our paths crossed. Sometimes it makes me crazy, making me fall in love with you over and over again. With you in the picture, our journey of love is a more special one. It has made me conclude spending the rest of my life with you. You are an amazing baby. I pray our love becomes stronger in this season of love.

3. It is undoubtedly for the rain to fall in a dry season. Also, the dead can not live again but your love has awoken the positive hidden part of me. I locked my heart, never to share intimacy with any girl but when I saw you, the man in me needed another touch of love. Since you filled it, I am now a complete man. Beautiful kisses to you as we celebrate Lover’s Day.

4. You mean a lot to me. I can say it over and over again. Every time I think of you, a smile that blesses my day appears on my face. Even when I stare at your glittering eyes, all I see is my world. Every time I hold your soft hand, I make a promise for a lifetime. Oh, what love! My countless times saying I love you is a reminder that you are the only girl who rules my world. Have a joy-filled and pleasant Valentine’s Day.

5. My world best, I remembered today is Valentine’s Day and I have been thinking of how to make you special. Guess what? The only thing I could remember is to whisper into your ears saying” Angel of my life, you have made my life attractive with your affectionate attribute. Despite my shortcomings, you have not stopped loving me. May your days be long my queen.

Funny Valentine’s Messages For Girlfriend

Making her happy on this special day will give her a joyous feeling. Below are some short funny messages for her.

1. Baby love, could you imagine I forgot your gift at the shop because I was lost in thought of you. Don’t worry, we will go get it together. At least being with you will make me get to the right place.

Funny Valentine's Messages For Girlfriend

2. I slept hungry while thinking of how to make love with you my Pearl. Don’t laugh. This is what your love can do. Happy Val baby.

3. My love for you can’t be wrapped in a wristwatch box, so I decided to select a plasma television carton, at least it is big enough to accommodate my love for you. If it is not enough, I will upgrade to a bag of rice. I wish you a joyous Valentine’s Day.

4. I’m thrilled. We are weird to each other. People asked me, “What’s the best thing about you?” I said nothing is the best in my life. So you know why? I don’t want them to fall in love with you just like I did.

5. I feel like loving you, everyday Sweetheart. Your love has ignited me like a car. I am ready to travel to every location until my tank is empty. Loving you more honey. Even when val needs many girlfriends, you are enough. Happy Val sweet love.

Hopefully, these Valentine’s Day romantic, emotional, and funny messages, shall give you some inspiration and ideas about what to write on the greeting card or text. Nonetheless, any of the messages you select, as long as the words come from your heart and sincere affection, the recipients will always be happy and appreciative of you.


Written by Antonio Webb

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