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Emotional Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

Emotional Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband


A wedding is an event where a man and a woman are joined as one in holy matrimony, and usually celebrated with family and friends. Since you and your man legally became man and wife, it is natural that you remember the day that marks one full year of your union – your wedding anniversary.


Also, you will be inclined to send beautiful wedding anniversary wishes to your husband to refresh his memories of that great day, and to remind him of how much he has always meant to you.

The wedding anniversary wishes below were composed specifically to meet your need for creatively written wishes to amaze your man. Feel free to use as many of them as you can. And if you have a girlfriend or sister equally looking for mindblowing wedding wishes for her husband, kindly share this post with her.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

1: Fate brought us together, love bound us to each other, tolerance and respect kept us together. Our foundation is solid. Therefore, our relationship can’t be destroyed. Happy Wedding Anniversary, dearest.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

2: Beginning from the day we were introduced to each other, I was certain that we will have something special and blissful between us. Thankfully, it wasn’t just something; we have many special and beautiful things, including babies between us. I love you, dealing. Happy Wedding Anniversary to us.

3: As a little girl, my desire was to marry the love of my life and live happily ever after. That desire became true because you sought and found that little girl in me. I wouldn’t have asked for a better lover than you, baby. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

4: Deep within me, I know I don’t deserve someone as freely loving, considerate, and patient as you. Darling, God sent you to me as my angel, and not just a husband. Indeed, I am endlessly grateful for the perfect gift that you are to me all these years. Happy Wedding Anniversary to us.

5: Honey, it is another year to celebrate the unforgettable day when we said “I do” to each other in the presence of our dear ones. I still remember how we couldn’t wait to caress and love our yearning bodies. You were mine to have, you are still mine to cherish. Happy Wedding Anniversary, sweet.

6: Even though distance has prevented us from seeing as often as we would want, our love and understanding for each other are still blazing hot. Here I am, thinking of the memories we share and anticipating many more memories to make with you. I love you with everything in me, babe. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

7: The truth is, there’s only a kind of you. There’s no other like you. Happy Wedding Anniversary, hon’.

Romantic Anniversary Wishes For Husband

8: Happy Wedding Anniversary, my dear husband. Nothing can ever make me regret getting married to you. On the contrary, I have every reason to be thankful for marrying you.

Romantic Anniversary Wishes For Husband

9: You are my sweetheart, my lover, my soulmate, my everything. Come on; let’s merry and wine in honor of our blissful wedding anniversary. It hasn’t been an easy journey but so worth it!

10: The ocean can dry up for all I care. The sun can cease to shine and I won’t care a hoot. But I will be deeply troubled if our love suffers. On this day marking another milestone of our togetherness achieved, I promise to do all I can to preserve our love. Looking forward to sealing this promise with a juicy kiss on your lips.

11: I might not be quite vocal with my affection for you, but know it this day that you mean more to me than the air I breathe. Happy Wedding Anniversary to us.

12: Holding your hand in mine is one of the closest feeling to heaven. In all these years we’ve been married, there’s no day I don’t think of you and blush all over. I don’t know how you did it, but you have me loving you forever, baby. Happy Wedding Anniversary to us.

13: Time stands still whenever I am with you. It has been ten years of marital bliss, yet it feels like we first kissed yesterday. Happy Wedding Anniversary, my lover.

14: You promised that I would be the most satisfied wife there is. From the look of things, you, my husband, are a promise keeper. Happy Wedding Anniversary to us.

15: There’s no perfect marriage, I know. But ours is everything I prayed to have. So far, so good. Happy Wedding Anniversary, handsome.


16: Permit to say that you are the sexiest, most adorable man on this planet. Aren’t you amazed at how much I am starstruck when I am in your presence? Happy Wedding Anniversary to us!

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

17: I know it’s too early to say this, but I am blessed to be doing life forever with you, bae. It’s already one year of paradise in marriage. Happy Wedding Anniversary to us.

18: I am delightfully happy that I didn’t reject your marriage proposal to me; look at how my life has been beautiful with you in it! Happy First Wedding Anniversary. I look forward to more awesome years of togetherness ahead.

19: It’s already one year, baby. One year of sweet loving, steamy romance, playful jabbing, childish arguments, and endless flirting. Let’s do it again, and on into our seventies. Happy First Wedding Anniversary to us.

20: There’s no doubt that we were cut from the same fabric and sewn differently via our unique life experiences. Underlying our differences is our sameness which makes us inseparable. It is a blessing being your Mrs. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

21: We had no idea what getting married had in stock for us. But with faith, we dived in. Our first year together has shown us that we actually made the best decision of our lives. Happy First Wedding Anniversary to us.

22: Hope lives in your eyes. Truth dwells on your tongue. Love is burning in your heart. Your arms are pillars of strength. You are my choice for all-time. Happy First Wedding Anniversary, sweetheart.

23: Thank you for fostering peace in our marriage. I have had a wonderful year in peace with you, my love. Happy First Wedding Anniversary.

2nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

24: Two years and still counting. Honey, our love affair is second to none; there’s no argument about it. Here’s a toast to decades together. Happy Second Wedding Anniversary!

2nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

25: Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary to us. Our first year saw just two of us celebrating it. But it didn’t have to be the same in our second year as God has added a cute baby to us. Can life be any sweeter than this?

26: It’s already two years of marital bliss; I wonder where time is flying to. Honestly, I wish there’s no end to the honeymoon phase of our union. The best bet is to enjoy more of you while the opportunity presents itself for the years ahead aren’t guaranteed. Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary to us, my treasure.

27: Who would ever believe that two hotheads will last this long in marriage? Who would ever think that marriage will reveal a side of us that cherishes stability? We are two years old in our marital journey and certainly, will keep proving our naysayers wrong. Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary to us!

28: My life is incomplete without you and the house feels empty whenever you are away. I have become so used to you that I can’t imagine life without you. As we celebrate our 2nd Wedding Anniversary today, may we be to each other what we can’t be if left by ourselves.

29: I have the utmost regard for you. Not just for being my dear husband but because I have proven you to be a man of integrity. It’s great loving you. Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary to us.

Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

30: If you were honey, you’ll be the sweetest, original honey. If you were sugar, I would become diabetic from indulging in you. And if you were the sun, I wouldn’t mind treating sunburns from basking in your presence. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

31: Don’t you think that on the occasion of our wedding anniversary we should demand an award for the quirkiest couple in the whole wide world? I mean, who can still find an old couple that stays up all night laughing loudly at silly jokes to the dismay of neighbors?

32: Our babies look up to us as the perfect role models. Our parents are counting on us to make a long-lasting marriage they couldn’t have. Friends are optimistic that we will marry again in heaven. Our bodies only care for lovemaking. What did we get ourselves into?!

33: My love, I hope you are aware it is our wedding anniversary today. This is a humble reminder of the anniversary gift you promised me.


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