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Heartfelt Christmas Card Messages

Heartfelt Christmas Card Messages


Christmas is definitely, one of the most anticipated holidays in the world, not only because of the gifts and endless celebrations, but also the spirit of love and good cheer.


Beyond the vacations, getaways, and endless thrills, you should endeavor to pass the season’s greetings and warm wishes to friends and family. Our Christmas-card message examples below should give you better insights to share your love simply and honestly.

Inspirational Christmas Messages

Inspirational Christmas Messages

1. Christmas memories are divine. Let’s aspire to make each holiday better than the previous one. I pray that you and your family enjoy the gift of love, joy, and peace. Merry Christmas!

2. I wish you peace, good health, and an abundance of laughter. May this season be the beginning of new things. I wish you the best in your endeavors.

3. You have a permanent place in my heart, dear one. Sending this season’s blessings to you and your family.

4. There are many things in the heavenly stores for you. Thank you for being an incredible friend and neighbor. Have a merry Christmas.

5. Christmas has always been the start of new things. Walk into the season with confidence that everything will be alright. Happy holidays!

6. Christmas is not just for the kids, and it’s more than all the toys and presents. It is a time to reflect on the gift of love and appreciate the good works of Jesus. Merry Christmas.

7. My prayer for you this holiday is that you may be surrounded by those who complete you, those who make you happy, and those whom you love.

8. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Take care of yourself this season.

9. May the joy and peace that goes beyond all human understanding encompass your home this festive season, and may you experience the goodness of God. Merry Christmas.

10. As we celebrate and live in the spirit of Christmas, I pray that we all experience immense joy, and for a moment, even forget all we are currently going through. Happy holidays!

11. Dear one, I hope this message reminds you that Christmas can be the start of great things. Regardless of what we have failed to achieve in the previous months, I know that great things are in store for you next year.

12. As we endeavor to make more Christmas memories and enjoy each other’s company, let us realize that Christmas is a time for us to share with those who don’t have. Stay safe, stay happy. Merry Christmas.

13. To everyone celebrating Christmas, may this period act as an expression of gratitude and love for what you have become through the people in your lives.

14. I would like to wish all my friends and family happiness during this period and the year to come. This year would not be the same without any of you. I love and appreciate you all.

15. Our hope for you and your families is that the bonds of your friendship and love may abound, and you may build beautiful memories in the coming year.

Christmas Card Messages For Family And Friends

Christmas Card Messages For Family And Friends

1. We meet different people in life, for different reasons. Regardless, I pray and hope that all our relationships grow stronger in unity and love. Merry Christmas to all.

2. To you and your family, this Christmas message comes with love and appreciation. We cherish you and hope you will be part of our journey next year. Merry Christmas!

3. Thank you for always sharing and caring. I pray that you get everything you wish for this festive season and next year. Merry Christmas, beautiful.

4. As you share your knowledge and experience, know that you are sharing your life with us. We appreciate you for the many years of friendship. You deserve a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

5. As the Christmas period approaches, it’s important to note how fast time passes. But one thing we should know is that the love between us will always grow stronger. Merry Christmas to us all.

6. Love shines brightest during Christmas and with loved ones. As you celebrate the festivities this season, I pray that you and your family remain safe from harm’s way.


7. While most people are just having fun, you should be conscious of where you have come from and appreciate that you have love to share. Have a gratitude-filled Christmas.

8. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Remember, you are not only celebrating for the sake of it but as a form of sowing seeds of good cheer and hope to your children and future generation.

9. During this festive season, all I pray is that your spirit soars to great heights and that your Christmas is full of joy and love. Merry Christmas.

10. To enjoy happiness, you need to have a grateful heart. Sending love and light to you and your home, but above all, I pray that you have a spirit of gratitude. Happy holidays.

11. When you see the tinsel sparkle and Christmas tree lights, may it remind you of the love we share and the memories we made. Merry Christmas.

12. Dear friend, may your spirits and hopes soar higher than Santa’s sleigh, and may all your dreams come true. Thank you for being part of my journey. I appreciate you.

13. May this Christmas be filled with joy and love because you deserve it all. Even if no one calls or texts, remember there is a greater one above who was born to die for you, and his name is Jesus.

14. Even if you don’t receive a reward, I’d like to remind you how amazing you have been this year and that you have what it takes to excel next year. Wishing you a fantastic holiday.

15. This holiday, choose to look within yourself, and you’ll find peace and happiness. Remember all you have accomplished and celebrate the gift of friendship. May the Christmas spirit be with you and your family.

Funny Christmas Card Messages

Funny Christmas Card Messages

1. Dear one, I hope your laughter will be as hearty as your bank account balance. Wishing you the best that this holiday has to offer. Look back and acknowledge how far you have come.

2. I finally understood the meaning of the word “Xmas.” It is for people like you who cannot spell Christmas. Happy holidays, annoying one!

3. My prayer for you is that you get into Santa’s list of best presents because you have been quite naughty this year. You’ll not get to spend all my money this holiday.

4. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a blessed year ahead. I hope Santa fills your socks with cash and jewelry. You are a star in the making, even though annoying sometimes.

5. This Christmas, I hope we get wings to fly all over the city and spook our friends. But you’d probably be too heavy to use the wings. Try not overeating this time round.

6. This Christmas, I hope you’ll feel special about the person you have become. May you spend this holiday being grateful and not drinking like you did last year.

7. If only we could turn back time, to the good old days when all we cared about was getting cool Christmas outfits and traveling with our parents. We should recreate such moments.

8. Santa asked me what I wanted this year, and I told him I wanted you, but it turns out you are already in my heart. I will forever cherish you. Merry Christmas.

9. Let us drink to our fill and forget today’s problems. All we have is here and now. A quick Christmas reminder though, Don’t borrow money from elves since they are always short. Have a beautiful holiday.

10. You can eat all the candy in the world this holiday, as long as you remember to brush your teeth. Merry Christmas and have fun safely.

11. Dear Lord, please give us enough cash to celebrate Jesus’ birthday in style, like the kings and princes we are. Merry Christmas!

12. May you gain the strength to make it through any boring speech this Christmas period. Wishing you the best holiday ever! As reckless as you are, try and take care of yourself.

13. Instead of Santa, I wish you were the one visiting in a red dress at night. That would be more fun. Happy holidays to you and your family.

14. As we approach the Christmas period, I would like to warn you not to throw a snowball at me because that would ruin our friendship. Kidding! I’m going to have the best snowball shots. Merry Christmas.

15. Merry Christmas, my love. I love going out on fancy dinners because I know I won’t have to deal with dishes in the evening.


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