Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend — Impressive, Romantic & Funny
Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend — To Spice Up Her’s Birthday

A girl and her birthday? Don’t mention!

If there’s any day that can spin your girlfriend’s life uncontrollably like an airplane gunned down by irate bombers, it is her birthday. Not only will she crash helplessly if you fail to remember the day, but her heart will also be smashed into many indifferent pieces in the absence of your birthday wishes for her. To avoid being the reason your girlfriend will be miserable on her special day, revisit your reminder (boosted with an alarm clock), and then copy one or more of the birthday wishes for girlfriend on your notepad in readiness for the D-day.
Not to worry; we won’t tell her that we gave you those lifesaving tips!


Romantic Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

1: Happy birthday, adorable. Having you as my girl is one of the best decisions I made for myself. Enjoy yourself to the fullest.

2: The more I think of it, the better the understanding becomes that you and I are meant to be. Happy birthday, sweet. Kisses.


3: My love, it is your birthday today; how time flew! From my heart, I wish you a perfect celebration. I will make sure you do!

4: Happy birthday, hun’. Thank you for the fun times you’ve brought my way ever since you came into my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better girlfriend.

5: Today marks the beginning of greater beginnings in your life, my gal. May you live well to tell the beautiful story. Happy birthday.


6: Words hardly catch the real essence of my love for you. I love you with a passion whose intensity is yet to be heard of. On the occasion of your birthday today, I pray that mountains of challenges will be melted on your behalf. Celebrate in a grand style.

7: The truth about today is that it is my best friend’s birthday. I know for real that having you by my side has added spice to my life. Just as you’ve done for me, may friends and strangers alike favor you beyond your expectations. Happy birthday.

8: Happy birthday, princess. Your smiles light up my world. You may or may not have known the extent your presence is felt, but it is nothing compared to the sacrifices you’ve made for our friendship.


9: Bae, happy birthday. The lines have fallen in goodly places for you. It is obvious that your birthday this year will be the best so far.

10: It will be a gross error against nature to live through today without wishing my beauty queen a happy birthday. Have fun.

11: Did I tell you that you are an embodiment of character and virtue? If I hadn’t, I apologize for holding back on that vital information. Happy birthday, honey.

12: Belle, I can’t deny that I cherish you. No doubt, I can protect your interest with every fiber of my being. As you mark your new age today, keep in mind that I always have your back.

13: Happy birthday, love. Pretty ladies like you deserve to be treated to the choicest blessings from above.

14: You are, and have been a wonderful girlfriend to me. The least I can do for you today as you celebrate your birthday is to wish you a day as beautiful as your heart.

15: Today, I choose to let you know that you are God’s gift to me. Happy birthday, angel.

16: Happy birthday, my superwoman. You’ve inspired me in so many ways that I have lost count of them. Enjoy your super life.

17: I celebrate this day with a woman with the heart of gold. Truly, your kind is rare. Happy birthday.

18: Hey soulmate, your birthday is noted to be one of my special days on earth. I woke up today elated, because you are a year older, lovelier, and sexier. I can’t wait to set my eyes on you.

19: My life is full and true for I have a girlfriend who is bright and smart. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Impressive Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Impressive Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

20: Sharing my moments with you have gradually become the most important aspect of my existence. I love you, my desire. Happy birthday.

21: Just as the fish can’t survive without water, I can’t live a fulfilling life without your words of encouragement. Happy birthday.

22: I have known you for four years and each time I think to myself, “She’s a breath of fresh air!” Happy birthday, beauty.

23: How wonderful it is to be in your life at this time to be a partaker of your glorious birthday. May the good things life can offer never elude.

24: Last year, your birthday was beautiful. This year, it is going to be even more beautiful as we’ve prepared extensively for it. Happy, beautiful birthday, bestie.

25: Dearest, you are a good woman who cares for the interest of your loved ones. As you celebrate your 20th birthday today, may loving grace never be far from you.

26: Happy birthday, queen. You are the epitome of beauty with brains. In fact, I am proud of all that you’ve been able to accomplish with your life.

27: In spite of our behavioral differences, you remain my lovely lady who understands me effortlessly. Happy birthday; I adore you.

28: There’s something about you that keeps drawing me to you. It’s simply magical. Happy birthday, doll.

29: Honey, you are a special person. Not just to me, but also to anyone who has had the privilege to relate with you. Happy birthday.

30: Life ceased to be a grueling task after I met you. It is as if you brought along an oil of ease with you. Happy birthday. I can’t love you less.

31: Happy birthday, dear. I stepped into this day optimistic that it will be the best day of your life. You have my permission to have fun to the fullest.

32: I can picture forever with you by my side. I promise to do everything in my power to make real our dream. Happy birthday, darling.

33: To the world, I am tough and courageous. To you, I am as soft as fresh bread. Your presence makes all the difference. Happy birthday.

34: Everything you do blows me away, including your pouty face when you’re angry. I am definitely crazy about you. Happy birthday, sugar.

35: You smell like ripe flowers, fully in bloom with no apologies. You have everything that will keep a man grateful all his life. I am lucky to have you, baby. Happy birthday.

36: If I decide to write a poem to voice out my feelings for you, I could end up developing a book. To summarize it all, I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday.

37: Happy birthday, cherish. I wouldn’t mind missing appointments today for you because I can’t afford to miss your birthday for anything. You are more important to me.

38: Little is known about what goes in eternity but I believe that it will be worth the while with you. Happy birthday, lollipop.

39: Let me state it plainly that I am highly honored to be your boyfriend. As long as I live, I will never take your love for me for granted. Happy birthday, mine.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Funny Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

40: Happy birthday, baby. I wish you a wonderful celebration in a drama-free day. Thank you.

41: Since you’ve begun your weightloss journey, I suggest your birthday today should be without cakes and wine. Happy birthday; don’t cry, baby.

42: Happy birthday, love. Your birthday party is on the moon, right?

43: Happy birthday, dear. One thing about being born in January is that your birthday gift can be bought during the Christmas holidays at a discount price.

44: I bought you a cat. I hope your dog will approve of my choice of a birthday gift for you.

45: You are a year younger today, honey. Happy birthday. ( I remember saying you were older last year, and it wasn’t a fun day at all).

46: Happy birthday, munchkin. Sending you warm hugs and wet kisses on your birthday today. Hoping they can take the place of presents (there are still unopened ones from last year!).

47: Happy birthday, girl. Make the most use of today to do something daring, like fasting. You’ll be fine.

48: This new year that you’ve embraced is your opportunity to live and to become anything you desire. You have my full support if it doesn’t involve the police. Happy birthday.

49: The happiest people on earth are the simplest; they don’t need much to stay happy. Be simple this year, hon’. You can be happy without a birthday party. Just saying.

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