Thank You Messages for Teacher — From Parents, Student & Funny


Heartfelt Thank You Message for Teacher

Heartfelt Thank You Message for Teacher


Your teacher has had a significant impact on your life and apart from your parents is your other nurturer. If you are like most people, you have a lot of respect and plenty of things to thank your teachers for. They counseled you and probably even disciplined you to make you the great human you are today.


To thank your teacher for all that they did to mould you into the great person you have become, it’s great to send him or her a message to let them know how much you value them. You don’t have to compose the message yourself as we have already done that for you. Your part is only to check out the messages and choose the one that best describes your experience with the teacher and what you want to tell them.

Thank You Messages For Teacher From Parents

Thank You Messages For Teacher From Parents

1: I don’t know, however, to thank you because the way my daughter turned out is as a result of her encountering you in her life. I can’t tell you enough times how much my daughter hated school but your love for her made school the one place she didn’t want to miss. I hope your kindness is repaid many more times. Thank you very much, teacher.

2: My child came to school to learn the ABCs, but by the time she left school, you had taught her all the life lessons that I never had time to teach them. Today when I look at them, I can’t help but see the part that I didn’t do, but you gladly did it for me. Thank you teacher.

3:While many students fear their teachers, you became a friend to my child and you became his favourite teacher. Years down the line, you are still the best of friends and accomplices. Thank you so much for the impact you have continued to have.

4: Thank you, teacher, for sowing the spirit of hard work into my child. That hard work has been extended to all areas of his life, and he’s now a responsible young man because of you. I cannot express my gratitude enough, but just accept my thank you message.

5: The world would be a very ignorant place without a teacher such as you. We would never have known even simple things as giving back change but thanks to you, we now do marvellous things.

6: I want to thank you for all the hours you sent in class and your extra time sacrificing to give our kids all the help they needed. I pray that God may bless you immensely. Thank you, my teacher.

7: Words alone cannot express my gratitude for your contribution to my child’s life. Thank you for all the things that you have done for him and his peers.

8: Of all the careers in the whole world, teaching was the one I most despised. But after coming into contact with you and your genuine love and enthusiasm for helping our kids, I have grown so respectful of your career. I have realized it’s the only career you choose with helping in mind. Thank you teacher.

9: I look upon you not only because you are a teacher but because you are also full of positivity and wisdom. Your knowledge spans the class and the whole world, and you make a great mentor. Thank you.

10: Every time my kids are under your care, I don’t have a care in the world because I know they are safe with you. Thank you for being so trustworthy.

Thank You Messages For Teacher From Student

Thank You Messages For Teacher From Student

11: When I came to your class, I couldn’t differentiate letters from numbers, but by the time I left school, I knew things you didn’t even know thanks to you showing me how to read and write. I am so grateful for taking me from illiterate to the knowledgeable expert I am today. Thank you, teacher.

12: Thank you so much, my teacher, for believing in me even when I didn’t. You kept on telling me I would become someone great and that is what I became. It is your words that kept me going every time I felt like I was a loser, and I am so grateful for that.

13: I am so grateful to you, dear teacher for inventing fun ways to make math the enigma I thought it was. Through your methods, you made me love math and excel in it. Thank you so much.


14: Thank you, teacher, because just watching work hard and give us your all inspired me to do my best as well. If I didn’t have you as a teacher, I couldn’t have learned hard work.

15: You made your lesson so enjoyable all I wanted was to study it the whole day. I looked forward to it and that interest grew to the other lessons making me an all-rounded student. Thank you so much.

16: I am so glad to you my sports teacher for nurturing the athlete in me. I have all around the world thanks to my athletic gift that I never believed I had, but you saw it better and encouraged me to pursue it. Thank you so much.

17: Thank you, teacher, for making your subject so easy to comprehend. If I had another teacher other than you, I could have continued to perform dismally.

18: The energy you put into teaching us and make teaching look so easy and interesting ahs stuck with me. Now I understand what a sacrifice it was. Thank you so much.

19: If patience was a weight we carried around, you would be the heaviest person on earth. You patiently took me through the areas I was weak over and ever without complaining buy only with positive words. Thank you teacher.

20: There’s always that person in life who becomes your confidant, and you can share anything with them. That was you my teacher, and you were much more than my parents. Thanks because you didn’t take advantage of me but gave me sound advice instead.

Funny Thank You Messages For Teachers

Funny Thank You Messages For Teachers

21: I am glad today I can laugh about this and talk about it. When I brought my spoilt brat to school, I had given up on him. I knew he would turn out spoilt and unlovable. That is until you came into the scene and turned my spoilt kid into a respectful young person. Today when I look at him, I say a prayer for you for the way you shaped him. Thank you, teacher.

22: My dear teacher allows me to confess how much I hated you, and If I had a way, I could have gotten rid of you. You caned me so much and gave us speed tests which you then announced to the whole class what everyone had scored. I always got below 50%realised but you forced me to study harder. But look at me today as I proudly tell people that I got an “A” in math, all thanks to you. Thanks a million teacher.

23: Many are the times I am attempted to put you on my payroll because I feel you deserve remuneration for the work you did in my life. But every time I write that check I remember you are a millionaire and I just tear it down. Thank you so much, dear teacher.

24: I could never have told you I loved you so dearly but now that I am out of school and have my own family, I can let you know I had a crush on you. It was good anyway because I put all the effort so as to have at least you like me. Thank you for your good looks that made me work hard to have you notice me. It worked either way because I passed.

25: How do I undo the mess that you did? You made teaching look like the most stress-free and fancy career the world over. I couldn’t wait to finish school and become a teacher. Now that I am on the ground, I can’t believe teaching is this stressful and mundane career but it’s too late. I am in it for life thanks to you.

26: If I had concentrated more on my education and less on what you wore to school every day, I would be better off today. I don’t want to blame for your poor sense of fashion, but I suspect it played a role in my turning out a failure. But all in all, thanks, teacher.

27: I must say a teacher is the only employee little concerned with the wages and the bad luck of others. Look at the lawyers who thrive in dispute and the doctor who is happier when more people are sick to realize how selfish some careers are. Thank you for choosing a sacrificing career so that we could cross paths and alter my life.

28: I don’t know if you are still my teacher, but now that I am your wife it was double blessings for me because I found a dedicated teacher who then became my partner I am lucky you will teach me forever. Thank you.

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