Thank You Messages for Boss — Inspirational, Short & Funny
Thank You Messages for Boss

Beautiful Thank You Messages for Boss

Working under a boss who by all standards, deserves to be thanked is a great privilege. Yes, it’s a privilege because for your boss to be worthy of appreciation implies that they aren’t like the majority of those bosses who have made working with them a living hell. Beyond the simple “Thank you for being a good boss” these thank you messages for boss will hit the right chords in your boss’s heart:

Thank You Messages For Boss

Thank You Messages For Boss

1: Life doesn’t abound in the wealth or name we work to have but in the simple acts of compassion we show one another daily. Thanks, boss, for being a huge inspiration to me to genuinely care about others.


2: Thanks, again and again, boss. If thanks do grow on trees, I wouldn’t mind bringing you a tree every single day of my life until it makes a forest. I am grateful for your kindness toward me even when you need not to.

3: For consistently paying my wages on time, I want to say thanks, boss. It means a lot to me.


4: Working with you gives me fulfillment which I never knew was possible as an employee. Thanks, boss.

5: I am blessed to have an understanding boss in you. I don’t know what life would have been for me if the opposite was the case. Thank you.

6: I don’t regret signing up for employment under you. These past couple of years have been my best working years on earth.


7: Your topnotch leadership skills have helped produced results even from the most mundane departments. Thanks a lot for being an effective boss.

8: I am thankful of your creative skills, sir. Truly, they have transformed our company into one much-sought-after for.

9: Your words of encouragement strengthen me in the times when I feel overwhelmed at the job. Thanks, boss.


10: I wouldn’t even think twice before renewing my contract with your company if given the opportunity for you are a good boss. Thanks.

11: When deadlines seem impossible to meet, you step in and make every last-minute push worth the try by us. You are quite an inspiration, boss. Thanks.

12: Thanks, boss, for granting me the opportunity to succeed while standing on your shoulders. I will never forget your sacrifices for me in a hurry.

13: I am joyously grateful to have not just a boss in you, but also a mentor, a role model, and a friend. Thanks for everything that you are to me, sir.

Inspirational Thank You Messages For Boss

Inspirational Thank You Messages For Boss

14: Thanks, boss. I remain loyal to every plan and dream you have for our company because the outcome is for the good of all.

15: Thank you, boss, for giving us the free rein to bring in our creative ability into our jobs. It shows how confident and trustworthy you are.

16: It isn’t often that one is blessed with a supervisor who is interested in helping a supervisee achieve monumental success at work. You are quite exceptional, boss. Thanks.

17: In all sincerity, I never imagined that a day would come in my life as a worker when I would write a thank you note to my boss. But your goodness to me, sir, makes it compulsory that I do the unimaginable. Thank you, boss, for giving me a great cut from your big, loving heart.

18: The true measure of success is in the happiness you create in the lives of others as you journey through life. You are truly a successful woman, boss.

19: The other day, I sat to ponder on my experience so far working with you. The result of those two hours of intense thinking is that it has been every bit a worthwhile experience. Thanks, boss.

20: I don’t wish for the day I would be moved to another office where you wouldn’t be working as my manager. If it were possible, I would want to have you as my boss for as long as my present job position permits. I adore you as my boss, not because we’ve not had our share of bad times on the job; what keeps standing out is your ability to take away sentiments in your dealings with me. For that, I am thankful.

21: Theoretically, bosses carry their employees along. Practically, only a handful of them does what is preached. However, yours exemplifies an inclusive style of leadership. Thanks for being different in a good way, boss.

22: The geometric increase in the popularity of our company attests to your commitment to service against the odds. Thank you, boss.

23: I am yet to meet a boss who is as powerful as you are yet, treats his subordinates with unpretentious respect. You have subtly taught us over time, that gone are the days when eliciting fear in workers portrays bossiness. I salute your uniqueness, boss.

24: Dear boss, accept my sincere words of appreciation to you for making out time out of your busy schedules to pay my sick husband a visit in the hospital. Remain blessed.

25: Thanks, boss, for dedicating a good part of your work-life mentoring employees like me. Yours didn’t call for a formal lecture setting where instructions are delivered via words. On the contrary, you’ve modeled a lifestyle worthy of emulation.

26: On the occasion of bosses’ appreciation day today, I have no other gift to present to you than my overwhelmed heart of gratitude for being an outstanding boss. I celebrate you always.

27: Thanks, boss. I have no doubt in me that your promotions will always come effortlessly because you have the interest of others at heart.

28: If I were asked to define a champion, I won’t fail to describe the many wonderful attributes which I have observed in you. Needless to say, you are a champion, boss.

29: Once a leader has sharpened his problem solving and conflict resolution skills, he’s already a winner leading other winners. Thanks for being that kind of a boss to us, ma.

Short Thank You Messages For Boss

Short Thank You Messages For Boss

30: Dear boss, I least expected the lovely gift you sent on my birthday. Thanks; your gesture really meant a lot to me.

31: There are many good bosses but a few best bosses. You belong to the latter group, madam.

32: Thanks, boss, for promoting me and also with extra work incentives.

33: Boss, I am indebted to you for patiently teaching me the importance of believing in myself.

34: I appreciate you, sir, for your kind understanding when I was passing through some challenges in my home.

35: You pay attention to the needs of your workers; that is why we enjoy giving our best for the expansion of your company. We will remain grateful to you, boss.

36: The office culture you encourage as our boss has reduced employees’ turnover to the barest minimum. Thank you, boss.

37: Thanks, boss, for the end-of-the-year allowance and gifts you gave us.

Funny Thank You Messages For Boss

38: Waking up every day has been a smooth activity for me ever since your appointment as our boss. I am thankful for your timely intervention in restoring my passion for work.

39: Finding a good boss these days is as hard as hunting for diamonds in a desert plain. I am glad to find you after many ugly years of slaving for the heartless ones.

40: Boss, it is my heart’s desire to work under you until I retire. But that isn’t a good wish I’m making for my future, is it?

41: Your warm smiles and cheers have a way of making me run out of energy without realizing it. I figured out that I should thank you for aiding me to be productive by using charms on me.

42: While others are cringing at the thought of being in the office on Mondays, I am smiling happily all the way from Sunday night to Sunday night. There is absolutely no dull moments working for you, boss.

43: Thank you, boss, for letting me go for my paternity leave even though I wished I never went because I love the energy that working for you brings. But how could I explain all that to the testy wife?

44: Regardless of our frequent misunderstandings and the flaring of tempers between us, there couldn’t have been any boss better than you. Or better put, as friendly and tolerant as you.

45: If I were in your shoes, I would have had no need to be stepping out of my office to soil my hands with menial jobs. To the glory of God, however, you are the boss. That’s this company’s saving grace.

46: Thanks, boss, for being accessible to everyone. That alone canceled any prospect for grudge-bearing in your employees.

47: Dear boss, I appreciate the way you refer to us by our first names. That gets me emotional anytime I think about it.

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