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Congratulations on Your Pregnancy Wishes

Congratulations on Your Pregnancy Wishes

The flavor of womanhood, the true test of her fertility is pregnancy. This notion cuts across races and colors and bypasses every form of pride and prejudice because pregnancy is the gift for every woman, irrespective of class or economic power. But because life comes with a lot of uncertainty, it appears as though some women are luckier than others when it comes to getting pregnant. With this in mind, it therefore, calls for a loud celebration of that friend, sister or colleague who has being blessed with the fruit of the womb. Wondering how you’ll do that without sounding like a dry board? These congratulations on your pregnancy wishes below are here to your rescue.

Congratulations On Your Pregnancy Wishes

Congratulations On Your Pregnancy Wishes

1: My dearest friend, congratulations on your bulging pregnancy. I am super excited to share in your joy!


2: Darling, with happiness in my heart, I congratulate you even as you are on a journey into motherhood. Safe delivery in advance.

3: Congratulations, sis. Pregnancy sure looks good on you. To crown it all, you will make an amazing mother.


4: I am convinced that the baby you are carrying in your womb shall be a blessing to you and your family. Happy pregnancy!

5: Don’t be fearful of the unknown because my prayers have taken care of it. At the appointed time, you’ll deliver your baby with no complications.

6: It is incredible how fast your twins are growing inside of you. There’s no doubt you are taking good care of them as the loving mom you are.


7: Does it come as a surprise to you that your prayer was speedily answered? That goes to show you that we serve a faithful God. Congratulations on getting pregnant!

8: Life has its fair share of the good and bad. For all I know, the angel in your womb shall bring you no sorrow. Love you.

9: Congrats on your baby bump; you’ll tell your beautiful story soon.


10: I look forward to the day when you’ll give me a call to announce that your bundle of joy has arrived. I’m so prepared for that blessed day, dearest.

11: Congrats, bae. Yours is a sweet pregnancy – no mood swings, no unnecessary cravings. I really envy you.

12: Your husband is one lucky dude to have a caring wife in you. It is obvious your little one can’t wait to experience the doting mom that you are.

13: Motherhood is a necessary responsibility which I am sure you’re prepared for. Not to worry; I’ve got your back all the way.

14: Time flies past and with it comes the assurance that the future is near. Congrats on your pregnancy, and safe delivery in advance.

15: Labor pains differ from woman to woman. However, I remain positive that yours shall be sweeter than any ever imagined.

16: How beautiful you are with your protruding belly! May this beauty remain with you even after delivery.

17: I wouldn’t know how many tries you and hubby made before this pregnancy, but I can tell it was worth the effort. Congrats, lady.

18: Motherhood is one status that doesn’t change, no matter the number of uncertainties life will present. So, enjoy yours to the fullest, sweet.

19: Congratulations on your pregnancy, sugar. I strongly believe that the labor room shall become your praise-singing room when your time for delivery is due.

20: I must say that your bubbling energy is contagious. I can’t help but smile amusedly at how gracefully you rock your pregnancy. Congrats, girl.

21: I give thanks to God on your behalf because you are patience personified. Your pregnancy is the evidence that the best come to those who wait for it. Congrats.

Best Wishes On Your Pregnancy

Best Wishes On Your Pregnancy

22: Life is too short to dwell on the past and too beautiful to stop hoping. May your pregnancy bring fun memories to you and your family.

23: At the time we least expected it, you appeared with the most round bump I’ve ever seen. Needless to say, you are full of surprises. Congrats, sweetheart.

24: I really appreciate the kind of woman you were to me when I was pregnant with my baby. I pray that this pregnancy will bring you goodness and favor beyond your expectations.

25: A lot can be said of the huge blessings children bring to their parents. May yours bring you richer and lovelier blessings.

26: Congrats on your pregnancy, dear. Like a tree planted by the rivers of water, you shall bear your child in your due season.

27: There are countless ways to express my joy on your pregnancy, “Congratulations!” is one of them.

28: You have a loving heart which has qualified you to be an extraordinary mom-to-be. Congrats on your pregnancy.

29: Time will fail me to recount the many ways you’ve been of immense help to me when I had a difficult time raising my child. Now you’ve been blessed with a pregnancy, I hope to give back in my own little way out of deep gratitude to you. Congrats, madam.

30: I am proud of you, my good friend. Wishing you a successful pregnancy and the safest delivery.

31: To say that I was elated at the news of your pregnancy is an understatement. Even until now, I am overwhelmed with joy for this precious gift from above to you. Congrats, girl.

32: Pregnant women are highly revered wherever they go. Congrats, baby girl, on joining the league of exceptional women in the society.

Pregnancy Wishes For A Baby Boy

Pregnancy Wishes For A Baby Boy

33: The sweetest thing about being pregnant with a boy is that you are a partaker in the making of a warrior. Congrats, warrior mama.

34: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Your little boy shall be a bringer of good news to you all the days of your life.

35: Congrats, sweetheart. It is certain your boy shall be the handsome version of you.

36: Little boy, we, your aunt and uncle are mightily expectant of your arrival. Hope mom delivers this message to you speedily.

37: He’s cool, respectful, considerate and brilliant. He’s the ideal child, the one every parent desires. He’s your son, the fruit of your womb. Congrats, friend.

38: As the weeks roll sleepily into months, my anticipation to set my eyes on your son is much more heightened. Safe delivery ahead.

39: To have a child is a blessing. To have a son is a blessing with many taproots. Congratulations and best wishes on your pregnancy.

40: Congratulations, dearest neighbor. I hope to be among the first set of persons bearing gifts for your son after his delivery.

41: The entire universe has conspired to bless you with a smooth delivery of your son. I look forward to sharing in your joy soon.

42: Thank you for bearing a generation changer in your womb. There is so much about your son that the whole world will shake for.

43: Welcome to a blessed womb, dear son. Soonest, your eyes will behold every one of us who pray daily for your safe arrival.

44: I love your determination to carry your pregnancy to full term despite the many challenges that you’ve been faced with. I pray your son shall bring you the needed comfort and solace all through your lifetime.

45: Songs of thanksgiving and victory will mark the exceptional delivery of your miracle boy. Just get ready for the pleasant surprise.

Pregnancy Wishes For A Baby Girl

Pregnancy Wishes For A Baby Girl

46: The feeling is a pure delight, of carrying a little princess who will become the queen of her kingdom in time to come. Congrats, preggy mom.

47: I am happy for you because your dream of having a baby girl has come true. Congratulations.

48: Hearty congrats, soon-to-be mom of a charming girl. Can’t wait to see her glowing form.

49: A girl is her mother’s little friend and confidante for life. You are indeed blessed to be having one soon.

50: Being the mom of a girl is a timeless blessing; congrats on your girly pregnancy.

51: I do acknowledge that a girl forms a close bond with her dads. Don’t be sad though; you might be lucky enough to have it different in your own case.

Funny Pregnancy Wishes

52: Parenting comes with a huge price. I know this piece of information will mean nothing to you in your pregnant state of mind.

53: Every day of your pregnancy is marked with one drama or the other. I only hope that your baby doesn’t take after you (it will be savagely fun to watch if that happens).

54: You and I know that this is your best pregnancy so far. I pray it is also your last. Thank you for taking note of my heartfelt cry.

55: Going by the rate with which your pregnancy is attracting obscene attention to you, will it be wrong to wonder if you are going to give birth to a future runway model?

56: I wish you the loveliest, pocket-friendly pregnancy experience for you and your household.


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