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Baby Shower Messages

47 Beautiful Baby Shower Messages


A baby shower is when the expectant mother celebrates the arrival of a new baby with her friends and family. It is one of the most significant celebrations of every mother, where they get showered with lovely messages, gifts, love, support, and plenty of adorable baby items and gifts.


Knowing what to say at such a period is very important. However, coming up with a lovely or thoughtful message or well wishes can be a bit difficult. As such, I have carefully drafted some fantastic baby shower messages, from formal ones to short funny ones, to congratulatory ones and cute ones. Carefully go through them to choose the one that you like more.

Baby Shower Messages

Here are some baby shower messages to help you celebrate this special occasion:



  1. To the mother-to-be! Wishing you one of the most effortless and hassle-free delivery. We can’t wait to see the lovely smile on that of your baby and yours.
  2. With the new baby on the way, we wish you the very best, and please let us know if you need anything or if there is any way we can help. We are very excited for both you and the baby.
  3. Thanks for inviting us to celebrate and join in the excitement of your expectant baby. We wish you the best and most remarkable motherhood experience.
  4. A tiny heart beats inside, bringing joy and endless pride. We can’t wait to behold your baby’s innocence and beauty. Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy!
  5. Wishing you all the love and happiness as you await the arrival of your precious little one. Congratulations, big sister!
  6. A new adventure is about to begin. A remarkable and exciting one which you have never embarked on before. May your journey into parenthood be filled with laughter, love, and countless unforgettable moments.
  7. As you prepare to welcome your baby, may your hearts overflow with happiness and your home be filled with laughter. May you have all the resources to make motherhood a comfortable and exciting time. Congratulations on our little bundle of joy to come.
  8. Tiny fingers, tiny toes, a little nose, cute eyes, cute lips—what a perfect bundle of love you’ll soon hold close. Congratulations on your growing family!
  9. May your days be filled with baby giggles, sweet snuggles, and unforgettable memories. Wishing you all the best on this beautiful journey, and remember that we are always here to help. You can call on us anytime if you need our help.
  10. Here’s to sleepless nights, endless smiles, diaper changes, and lullabies. Congratulations on this exciting chapter of your lives!
  11. As you eagerly await the pitter-patter of tiny feet, know that your friends and family are here to support you every step. Congratulations aunts! I forgot to say that you look beautiful with the baby bump.
  12. A new life is on the horizon, bringing new hopes and dreams. May your baby’s journey be beautiful and filled with blessings. God will bless you with mental energy, physical energy, and financial resources to provide everything the baby needs.
  13. With a baby on the way, your hearts will grow even bigger, your home even cozier, your lives even more meaningful, and your bank account even larger. Congratulations!
  14. Funny but true, cheers to the upcoming diaper duty, sleepless nights, and the pure joy motherhood brings. Sending you all the best on this incredible journey. I can’t wait to share your remarkable story of motherhood.
  15. As you wait to meet your little one, may you find comfort in the anticipation and joy in the coming moments. May you have an easy delivery without any form of complication.
  16. Life is about to get a whole lot sweeter with the arrival of your baby. Wishing you endless love and beautiful memories as you start this new chapter. Congratulations, and ensure you take enough rest.
  17. Amid baby showers and nursery preparations, take a moment to cherish the love and excitement that surrounds your growing family. Congratulations, (name).

Baby Shower Congratulations Messages

Baby Shower Congratulations Messages
  1. Congratulations on this beautiful blessing! May your baby’s arrival fill your life with overflowing happiness, love, and blessings!
  2. Wishing you all the joy, love, and laughter motherhood brings. Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy! You are blessed, big sister!
  3. As you await the arrival of your little one, may your hearts be filled with excitement and your home be filled with warmth and love to give her the best home on earth. Congratulations!
  4. A new adventure is about to begin, and you’ll be amazing parents. Congratulations on this beautiful journey into parenthood!
  5. Here’s to the start of an incredible chapter in your life. May your baby attract God’s blessing into the family, and may the home be filled with joy and warmth like never before.
  6. Sending you heartfelt congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family. Your baby is already so lucky to have parents as wonderful as you! You will be a great mother, and I’m so sure of that.
  7. May your days be filled with baby snuggles, sweet lullabies, and the purest of smiles. Congratulations and best wishes as you prepare to welcome your little one.
  8. Your family is growing, and so is your love and heart. Congratulations on this new and exciting phase of your life!
  9. As you embark on motherhood, may your hearts be filled with love, your days with laughter, and your home with happiness. Congratulations!
  10. Amid all the preparations and excitement, remember to cherish each moment. Please rest and don’t stress yourself, because you will be stressing the baby too. L love you so much, and congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your precious baby!

Cute Baby Shower Messages

  1. Soft small body, tiny hands, tiny feet, lovely eyes, and pure laughter – a bundle of joy you’ll soon meet! Congratulations on your little miracle!
  2. Laughter and cries, diapers, and onesies prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. It will be a bit stressful, but trust me; it’s worth it. Remember, you’re your back, and I will support you throughout the period. Congratulations on your upcoming addition!
  3. Your journey into parenthood is about to begin, and it will be filled with the sweetest moments and unforgettable experiences. Wishing you all the love and happiness in the world. I can’t want to be an aunty, hurray!
  4. A little baby is on the way, bringing sunshine to your day and joy to the family Congratulations on this new ray of light in your lives!
  5. Get ready for sleepless nights and endless smiles as you welcome your family’s tiniest and cutest member. Congratulations, and enjoy every moment.
  6. Your baby is about to make their grand entrance, filling your world with giggles, cuddles, and love beyond measure. Congratulations!
  7. Life is about to get a lot messier and more magical and lovely. Congratulations on the impending arrival of your little one!
  8. Prepare for a house filled with baby laughter, tiny footsteps, and much love. Congratulations on your growing family!
  9. Your heart is about to grow bigger and your home cozier, all thanks to the little bundle of joy on the way. Congratulations and best wishes. God strengthens you in these remaining days before delivery,
  10. To the soon-to-be mother: May your days be filled with baby coos, bedtime stories, and a lifetime of beautiful memories. Congratulations on this amazing journey!

Funny Baby Shower Messages

  1. Get ready for a crash course in baby talk, sleep deprivation, and diaper-changing marathons. It sounds stressful, right? God will give you the strength. Congrats on your upcoming adventure!”
  2. Remember, you might be deprived of sleep as a mother of newborns! Wishing you lots of energy, strength, and laughter as you perform your motherly duties. Congratulations!
  3. Get ready to be a pro at ‘baby on board’ driving maneuvers! Congratulations, and buckle up for the ride of a lifetime.
  4. Say goodbye to quiet evenings and hello to baby giggles at 3 AM. Congrats on trading peace and quiet for the joy of motherhood! More strength as you begin your journey.
  5. It’s official: your social life will be the baby’s new bedtime story. Congratulations on becoming full-time entertainers and diaper changers! Plenty of kisses and love from your family. We will support you along the way.
  6. Time to upgrade your superhero status from ‘regular human’ to ‘super mother’! Congrats on your upcoming transformation!
  7. The nursery is ready, the oneness are stacked, and your fridge is stocked with baby food. You’re officially prepared to enter the world of motherhood!
  8. Your days of sleeping in are numbered, but your heart will be filled with a love you’ve never known. Congratulations on your soon-to-be chaotic, wonderful life!
  9. Congratulations on entering the realm of diaper fashion, baby talk translations, and expert lullaby singing. You’ve got this! I’m proud that you will soon be a mother and that you have decided to walk this path. Love you, best friend!
  10. Get ready to trade your Netflix nights for nursery rhymes and your coffee breaks for baby cuddles. Motherhood: the most entertaining job you’ll ever have!”

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In addition to these messages, ensure to get some baby items or gifts for the soon-to-be-mother. In writing the messages, you can include the mother’s name to make it more personalized. If you have a special name or nickname for her, you can use it instead. The goal is to make the day remarkable and lovely for her.


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