Goodbye Love Messages for Her
Goodbye Love Messages for Her

Goodbye Love Messages for Her


Parting ways with someone you love is not easy. You feel the sadness creeping at you when you remember this is somebody who used to make you happy. You also feel lonely when you remember this is somebody who readily kept you company. They gave you so much joy but now they are going away either permanently or for a while.


Goodbyes are sad and hard because of the emotional link you have with your love. Your life will feel uncomplete and empty without your partner near you since you care so much for them. The best way to show someone that you love them and will miss them is by sending them a message. They can keep the message and continue reading it or they will remember the words in the message. Below find a myriad of messages to send your love as she goes away.

Best Goodbye Messages For Her

Best Goodbye Messages For Her

1: You will always be in my heart because we have only parted physically but my love for you has grown stronger. I will miss you so terribly, my dear. Goodbye.


2: Your going away hasn’t made me gloomy but I hope to be reunited with you again before long my dear. I am going to miss you so much while you are away. Goodbye, my lovely.

3: I now halfheartedly release you to go after your dreams. Have fun and enjoy all the good times you will have while you are away. However, remember that after all is said and done your love is still waiting for you where love beckons. Goodbye sweets.

4: It is difficult to bid you goodbye, but I am glad it doesn’t mean a thing other than the fact that I will be saying an emotional and breathtaking hallo to you very soon.

5: While you are gone and miles away from me, remember someone loves you, is watching out or you, and is longing for the hours when they can hear your voice on the phone. Goodbye, my love.

6: Goodbye, my love. I always prayed that this day would never come. A day when I have to say goodbye and trust all will be well. Every second you walk away from me makes me want to lose my mind.

7: I thought I was a strong man but my love for you and the cruelty of goodbye has shown me I am not strong. I am sorry you had to see me break down like this but it’s just so unbearable to separate from you. Goodbye, my pie.

8: I set you free and rest my struggle to believe you are going. I only have one thing to ask you. That whatever you do, remember I love you so much, and I am waiting for you. I hope that you shall wait for me too.

9: The fact that your going away has just made me realize that time doesn’t fly by it crawls along like a tortoise. The moment you will be gone seems like an eternity. Fare thee well my girl. Goodbye.


10: My heart silently weeps, and my eyes cannot hide the sadness I feel. The only consolation I have is that I am glad you are going to be happy as you welcome new opportunities. Goodbye sugar.

Sweet Goodbye Messages For Her

Sweet Goodbye Messages For Her

11: I feel so fortunate to have a love such as ours that saying goodbye is heartbreak on its own. Wherever you go my dear and no matter how long you will be gone, you will still find me here waiting for you. Goodbye.

12: My friends say they don’t understand why I am so downcast by you are going away. And I tell them yes they can’t understand, but to me, you are the most beautiful girl in the world and I shall wait for you even forever. Goodbye honey.

13: Saying goodbye to my baby girl is the hardest thing I have to do. The only solace is that you have a bright future ahead of you. May you shine your light as you have always done. I love you so much, love. Goodbye.

14: Goodbye, my love. I cannot wait for you to come back so that we can pick up from where we left. I will hold on for you till I see you again.

15: It is so hard to say goodbye, especially if it’s the love of your life. I cannot imagine how I will be spending the days and nights without you. My love for you will only grow stronger and I cannot wait for you to be back so that I can make you mine forever.

16: I want you to know that your leaving takes away a piece of my heart, my soul, and my entire happiness. I hope that we make the absence from each other count and that we make our love get better with distance. Goodbye.

17: They say absence makes the heart fonder but this distance will make my heart sad. I will miss you so much, my love and my heart will only continue on the day I see you once again, my love. Goodbye.

18: I know our love will remain strong even though you are going away. My only worry is that every day of waiting will be like walking in a minefield. Even then, my love, I will continue walking till I meet you aging. Goodbye, my love.

19: I feel like I will not survive living without you, my love. Even though I survive, life will be meaningless for me until you come back to me. Goodbye.

20: My sweetheart, I must confess I have never loved anyone as much as I love you. My heart is so saddened because I already miss you as I have never missed anyone before. Goodbye.

21: No matter who comes into your life, I pray that you always remember there is a man somewhere who loves you as he loves himself and he is waiting for you to come back home. Goodbye.

22: We are going to be hundreds of miles away from each other, but I want you never to forget that we are more than mere lovers. We are going to be husband and wife when you come back. Fare thee well love of my life.

23: Not even distance will I allow to rob me of the love of my life. You make my world go round, and you make everything in my life enjoyable. Sadly, I cannot go with you but my heart is happy because we are meant to be and I know you will come back to me when your studies are over. Goodbye sweets.

Sad Goodbye Messages For Her

Sad Goodbye Messages For Her

24: Will I ever recover from the sadness I feel? It almost feels like you have died. How do I stop the sad tears? What will console me? I feel like I will never see you again. I wish you well as you leave. Keep my love intact because I will. Goodbye.

25: My love, I can’t believe you are going to be away from me. I don’t know how I am going to live without you but I trust the Lord will give me strength. Goodbye dear.

26: I can’t bear the thought of you being away from me, but I thank God I gathered the courage to be here. Fare thee well my love and take care of yourself.

27: Why did life have to put us apart? I can’t believe I won’t be seeing your beautiful face for four years. How will I cope without you by my side? I am just praying that I will get used to you being away. Goodbye.


28: How will I get used to your absence? Who will I be laughing with and getting silly with? Why didn’t you decide to stay? Go well my dear and I wish the best for you. I hope life treats you well. Goodbye.

29: Four years sound like a lifetime to me. You are just leaving, and I feel like I will never see you again. My mind wonders if you will still be mine. Take care my love and reserve my love for me as I will guard mine for you with all I have. Goodbye.

30: I want to believe that I am dreaming, and you are not going to be away from me for so long. That I will not die with longing for you every day ………………….

31: Today I start the countdown of your departure. I won’t count your absence, but I will count the days remaining to your coming back. That way it will be easier for me because every day will be one day nearer to you coming back to me. Goodbye, my love.

32: I didn’t want anybody to tell me it will be ok. No, it will never be ok till I stand here again to receive you. Until then, I don’t know what to do with myself. Goodbye my love


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