Thank You Messages for Friends - Inspirational, Emotional & Funny
Heart Touching Thank You Messages for Friends

Heart Touching Thank You Messages for Friends


Has your friend demonstrated to you that “a friend in need is a friend, indeed?” Have they stood with you at a time when you felt all alone and needed someone by your side? Have they been so nice and caring? That’s what friends are for. However, you shouldn’t take their generosity and friendship for granted or as if it’s your right. You should say thank you to them for being your great friend. This will demonstrate your gratefulness to them for the part that they play in your life.


Now constructing thank you messages may not be your thing, or you might not know exactly what to tell them. That is where we come in because we write thank you messages for people just like you. It doesn’t matter the kind of friend you want to show appreciation to; we have you taken care of. Whether they are easy-going or professional, we have a message for each of them. Take a look below and pick whatever you like.

Inspirational Thank You Messages For Friends

Inspirational Thank You Messages For Friends

1: You have a heart of gold. You are so kind, and I don’t know how my life would have turned out like if you were not my friend. I pray that what you selflessly gave to me maybe repaid a hundred times. Thank you so much.


2: People talk of Mother Teresa of the old, and I feel like I want to shout so that everyone can know that I have my Mother Teresa alive with me. Thank you for your generosity.

3: The way you stood with us in time of need made me know that it is true that angels live amongst us. I pray that you man never lack. Thank you so much, my friend.

4: Your open-handedness is unmatched, and what you did for me genuinely makes me know that you are a friend indeed. Thank you so much. You will always be in my heart.

5: I pray that you may have a giving heart always, and I also pray that your blessings multiply many times more. I am lucky to have you as my friend. Thank you.

6: Before I met you, I used to think the only thing someone can give is material help but since knowing you, I have learnt that words and actions matter a lot. Thanks for the occasions you have made time to see me and speak into my life. Thank you.

7: What matters most to me in life is that I have someone who truly cares for me. That is why I thank God, I found you dear friend. Thank you for being the kind of friend that I always dreamt of.

8: I have had many people in my life come and go, but you have never left me. This is the number one reason I treasure your friendship because I have never found such a reliable and caring friend like you. Thank you for being a true friend.


9: As I made friends, I was looking for someone who loved the things I loved. Someone who would love my hobbies so that we could always be together. You came into my life being so different from me I thought we wouldn’t click but you taught me that friendship is not about being similar but respecting our differences and embracing variety. Thank you so much.

Emotional Thank You Messages For Friends

Emotional Thank You Messages For Friends

10: I never knew another woman would make me cry. But every time I see you, I shed tears when I remember you saved my home amid foreclosure. The best part is that you didn’t want to be paid back. Who in their right does that? Only you my friend. Thanks a million.

11: Every night in the cold trailer with my kids, I thought about our imminent death. I never thought about a stranger coming to our rescue. Thank you for saving our lives and seeking me out to be your friend when no one else cared.

12: How can I talk to you without breaking down with joy? When I remember how you bailed me out when my ex sold everything and left. Thank you so much, dear pal.

13: Thank you, my friend, for being such a significant influence in my life. I wanted to let you know I really appreciate you being a part of my life.

14: I know I can be strong headed at times, but you have been able to stand me and even gone ahead and loved me. You are a rare human being to me and I love you back so much. Thanks mate.

15: Nothing in the world beats having a best friend. You can laugh with them when things are funny, cry with them when things get thick, and strategize on what to do when things get mundane. Thank you because you have played all these roles religiously.

16: What could have I done without you on those days and night when I thought my life was over and tears couldn’t dry from my eyes? You stood by my side and told me all those stupid jokes. You didn’t leave my side even when I said I didn’t want to see anyone. Thank you so much, my buddy. You are, indeed, an angel.

17: I wouldn’t be lying if I said I owe my life to you. Had you not happened to me when I was about to take my life and convince me not to do it, I wouldn’t be here anymore. I can never repay you and all I can say is thanks a million!

18: People try to tell me you are a terrible influence on my life and I tell them you are the best thing that happened to me. You loved me when everyone was busy living their own life. Thank you.

19: We don’t share our feelings much often, but by your actions, I know there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for me. I just wanted to let you know that I would do the same for you and we are so lucky we have such a friendship. Thank you.

Funny Thank You Messages For Friends

Funny Thank You Messages For Friends

20: Thank heavens I don’t have your kind of genes? Genes that allow you to give all you have without knowing how you will live tomorrow. If I gave as you do, I would definitely get sick. Thanks for your generosity.

21: Have we become more than husband and wife now? They say those two are “joined at the hip,” but me and you are so close I believe we are joined on every body part. Thank you my buddy.

22: My heart swells every time I think about all you have done for me without ever getting tired. I think you should go slowly; otherwise, my heart will grow out of my chest. Thanks a lot, dearie.

23: Thanks, buddy. Were it not for your selflessness and desire to see me happy I would still be hugging my teddy bear in bed. I would still be more useless than even a calendar because at least it has dates. Because of you, I got a mate.

24: I feel like you are getting too much credit all for yourself. I am now demanding you reveal the person who made you so nice so that you can share the limelight. Sorry, I bet I am just jealous of your goodness. I am so grateful I am the recipient of all that goodness.

25: People often ask me if we are related, and I tell them in our life before I used to be your mom and because I badly neglected you, you swore to come back as my nagging friend and man don’t you nag me with your presence? If this is what revenge does to the victim, I want to feel this way forever. Thanks pal.

26: When you get someone to laugh at your dry jokes and persevere through hours of terrible movies just to keep you company, you realize you have hit the jackpot in friendship. Thanks for standing by me when you should have fainted instead.

27: I remember the day I got my first heartbreak, and I cried a lot. You cried so much harder and had me confused for a minute wondering if you had a loose nut. I have never told you that your crying made me stop and wonder if it was really that bad. Thanks my best friend.


28: I can’t believe two grown people married with kids still find so much relish in singing primary school choruses. At such times I wonder if you are good even for my life. And along the way, I have discovered you are the reason life hasn’t put me down. Thank you.

29: I have been wondering for so long how to ask you nicely if you have nothing to do with your life. All you do is stick around me like glue. But that my friend is what makes you so special to me. You never have tired of me. Neither have I tired of you. Thanks chum.

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